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Global Knowledge Network Inc. Begins Nationwide Red Hat CE Training in October

"In October, Red Hat Linux will take a another large step toward mainstream integration into large IT departments when Red Hat's first Certified Training Partner, Global Knowledge Network Inc., rolls out a national training program to certify Red Hat Linux Engineers."

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In October, Red Hat Linux will take a another large step toward mainstream integration into large IT departments when Red Hat's first Certified Training Partner, Global Knowledge Network Inc., rolls out a national training program to certify Red Hat Linux Engineers.

Global will offer training in 12 centers throughout the United States and one in Toronto. It also has more than 100 locations such as hotel conference centers, where courses can be set up and taught. Finally, each course is designed to be portable, so Global can offer private courses at nearly any location a customer with eight or more students requests. Plans are already in the works for an international program.

CURRICULUM The Certified Engineer curriculum consists of Red Hat's courseware arranged into two tracks:

Rapid, designed for experienced Linux and Unix users who want to work quickly toward the exam, and Beginner, which begins with an introduction and proceeds through four other courses before the exam.

Compared to programs offering certificates via paper examinations, the RHCE certification examination is quite stringent, made up of one written part and two parts lab with an on-site proctor supervising. After taking the written component, learners must complete a segment on installing and recompiling the kernel, followed by a four part session troubleshooting a "broken" system.

Curriculum Manager RJ Bornhofen explains, "This exam really measures the ability of a Red Hat CE to perform a job." Each section is pass/fail. They have seen about 60 percent of trainees pass so far.

Price of the certification exam is comparable to other CE programs at $750. After certification, participants receive a login to access Red Hat's Certification Central web site.

GLOBAL'S NETWORKING COURSES ADD EXTRA VALUE Global Knowledge has beefed up the standard Red Hat certification curriculum by offering two of its own networking courses as supplements. The Global Knowledge courses are not required, but provide a greater understanding of the technology now running the world, the web. Bornhofen explains, "A large part of the certification is the networking side of things. These courses give people more depth."

SOLUTION TRAINING ANALYZED, AVAILABLE ON DEMAND Global Knowledge is analyzing ways to package some of their other offerings, such as their web curriculum, Apache, Perl, or Sendmail with the Red Hat CE curriculum to create a "solution course".

If a customer wants a custom solution and the numbers are there, they will also build one of these courses for a customer today.

How will the Red Hat CE offerings fit in a Global Knowledge curriculum that offers extensive Windows NT certification opportunities? "We deliver what the market wants," says Bornhofen. "We're not trying to create a battleground." He expects to see a mix of training demand for a long time, with companies deploying mixes of server and client OSes to meet differing needs.

EXPECTED MARKET Global expects to sell certification courses to the server market for the next few years, and anticipates Linux on the desktop by 2003. They initially expect early adopters, value added resellers (VARs), and system resellers. They expect these groups to enroll in rapid track program, and more first time users to enroll as these first groups spread the Linux message.

Global expects Linux to compete not only with Windows NT, but also for mindshare in the Unix space.

Initial registrations have indicated more interest in the beginner classes, but Bornhofen speculates these look either like persons switching OSes or users brand new to Linux who are trying it for the first time. He stresses it is too early to tell how the attendance will shake out, and that they will have a larger sampling as October approaches

WHO IS GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE? Global Knowledge is a world wide training organization specializing in network related training, and in delivering certification programs for companies such as Cisco Systems, Nortel/Bay Networks, Microsoft, Digital, and Compaq.

HISTORY WITH RED HAT Global Knowledge's Cary, NC, office is down the road from Red Hat headquarters in Durham. Global Knowledge had already been using Red Hat Linux in their generic Unix classes for the past four years. When Red Hat started to gain national attention, the two parties decided to make the relationship more formal. They began talks last December and finalized an agreement in June. Red Hat is interested in a rapid ramp up for its certification curriculum. For Global Knowledge, it is a good opportunity to partner with a company generating a lot of press in an emerging market.

ADDITIONAL TRAINERS NEEDED Global Knowledge Network Inc. is looking for incorporated, independent instructors who know Linux and would be interested in teaching the Red Hat CE curriculum.

TO LEARN MORE For more information about the Red Hat CE curriculum, training sites, and schedules, visit Global Knowledge's Red Hat Certified Engineer web pages http://am.globalknowledge.com/redhat/index.html, and also see the Red Hat Training page http://www.redhat.com/products/training.html.

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