Originally Published: Wednesday, 8 September 1999 Author: Quentin Cregan
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w3-msql 2.0.11 may run arbritrary code for outsiders

In a post to BugTraq, it was suggested that w3-mysql is vulnerable to handing over files from the system, and potentially executing code courtesy of a buffer overflow.

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from BugTraq


i have just installed the evaluation version of the last w3-msql release (2.0.11) with its new security mechanism. There is effectively this new option "Force_Suffix" in msql.conf that force msql server to take its documents inside its private root instead of server's one.

The cgi is actually still vulnerable because of numerous lacks in sources (take a look at storeArgs() in w3-msql.c). It's possible with a buffer overflow attack to gain web server priviledge and modify remotly server content.

test it:

www.victim.com is the target site.


with about a 200 chars length filename, the server response is "Internal Server Error" and the cgi produce a core file. With a carrefully forged string including code instructions, it's possible to force remote server to execute arbitrary code.

i'm going to write an exploit.

Have a nice day

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