Originally Published: Monday, 6 September 1999 Author: Ed Matthews
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Charlotte Business Finds Market for Linux

Baucom-Davis & Associates has found a niche in the market for inexpensive servers using Linux.

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During the past year, Baucom-Davis & Associates has found a steady market for Linux machines used as web servers, email servers, and for companies seeking low-cost Internet access.

A typical customer is a small or medium-sized office interested in the types of web services listed above, but wary of high purchase and service costs. B-D & Associates uses Caldera OpenLinux on standard Intel architecture hardware to provide a communications solution at an attractive price.

Patrick Davis explains, "For a very small amount of money, you can get in the door. Then, a customer can decide to do more or not. Our customers have been thrilled with what we provide, and the servers have, from an operating system perspective, been maintenance free."

For web hosting, B-D installs the Apache web server. For email, customers have used POP/IMAP servers allowing mail clients such as Outlook Express, Netscape, and PINE to work flawlessly. The IP masquerading functionality in Linux gives several people web access at the same time, using just one account with a local ISP.

Customers have included a broad range of businesses, from Charlotte Van and Storage to Penta Engineering.

Baucom-Davis and Associates sells pre-configured Linux servers, consulting and support services, as well as Linux training. They have found Linux to be capable of providing the services their customers need. They are online at http://www.baucom-davis.com/.

Charlotte Van and Storage -- http://www.charvan.com/

Penta Engineering -- http://www.pentaengr.com/

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