Originally Published: Saturday, 28 August 1999 Author: Trae McCombs
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Button Bar on Left Side

OK, so it's not that hot of news, but you should see a change from the default [freshmeat, slashdot, themes.org, and UserFriendly] buttons on the side.

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Well, I don't know if many of you have noticed or not, but we've setup a randomizer that grabs different "community minis" and tosses them up on the front page by default. Those of you that use the user-prefs, well, you won't notice any difference.

The reason we did this, was to give other community sites more "front page button time" :)

How do we choose what gets picked as a community site? Well this is a good question. Right now, it's subjective. There are about 25 sites that are in the rotation now, so you may see a good bit of them in the loop. The ones you won't see up there on the front page are "commercial" sites. A lot of you are going to argue that Slashdot and Freshmeat and Themes.org and others are no longer "non-commercial" sites. Well that's fine -- as I said it's all subjective. Once I get a chance, I'm going to build a committee of people whose job is to debate what sites should be a communitty button or not.

Hope every one digs this. We, the staff of Linux.com, seemed to think it was a pretty cool idea.

Sincerely yours, Trae "OctobrX" McCombs Linux.com -- Site Manager

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