Originally Published: Sunday, 22 August 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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A Linux User's Letter to Creative Labs

A letter to Creative about the lack of a good SB Live driver for Linux, and for Creative's refusal to release programming specifications.

The following is a letter from Danny Crawford to Creative Labs:

To Creative Labs development team:

I've been waiting over 6 months now for a sblive driver for Linux that supports all kernels and works as well as the SB16 driver. I can't understand why it takes over 6 months to hack out a fully functional driver. /dev/sequencer device does not work with the current sblive driver and every time I upgrade my kernel my sblive driver stops working. Now that does not happen with other modules that are loaded such as my eepro100 NIC card driver. It works no matter what kernel I use. I had a SB16 card and the driver worked with all kernels. However I think the driver was not being developed by Creative.

I believe that it would be a good idea to post to slashdot.org a history of my trouble trying to get Creative to actually put out a fully functional driver for the SBlive card. I don't want the other Linux users to go through what I have went through trying to get my cards driver as functional as the windows9x version. I have collected email from other Linux users who have written to this email address and have been given the same "We are working on it" snow job.

It seems really stupid to not release the programming info on that card to the public so that people can write a driver for every known platform. More platforms that have full support for that card the more cards get sold, the more money to be made. It is as simple as that.

I will be getting rid of my sblive card and go with a company that releases programming info on their card to the Linux community. I will not be buying another Creative card. I feel stupid for buying the last 4 cards Creative produced because of the lack of support for the newer sound card technologies.

I recommend to all of the other Linux users out there to not buy any cards from Creative because of this lack of support for our OS.

I ask that the webmasters of the sites that a copy of this email is being sent to post a blurb on thier sites about the problems with Creative not wanting to help us get a fully functional driver for the SBLive card. You all will be doing a service to the Linux users out there so they don't go and waste the 100.00 on that sound card.

Danny Crawford