Originally Published: Thursday, 19 August 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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Coldstorage.org to provide downloads for Open Source community

Coldstorage.org to be a single distribution point for Open Source software.

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Sites such as Freshmeat, LinuxApps.com, and Linuxberg serve mainly as links to Open Source software downloads. Coldstorage.org, a new Linux community site sponsored by VA Linux Systems, will serve to provide not only the files for Open Source software, but also historical snapshots.

"Coldstorage.org exists to provide one stop 'shopping' for the Open Source community," says Tony Guntharp, site manager for Coldstorage.org. "We will be providing a single distribution point for Open Source software whether it runs on Linux, FreeBSD or some other operating system. Historical source tree snapshots of Open Sourced projects will be kept 'frozen in time' so that we have code to review and see how we got where we are today."

The site will be accessible through the Web and FTP, allowing for flexibility in Internet clients. Coldstorage.org is currently looking for volunteers from the Open Source community to help out with the site launch. More information is available at http://www.coldstorage.org/volunteer/.

The initial launch of Coldstorage.org is planned for September 15th, 1999.

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