Originally Published: Thursday, 19 August 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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Mozilla to Release Beta

The Mozilla Project has announced plans for a beta release of the Open Source Web browser.

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After a fairly lengthy alpha development phase, Mozilla is set to go beta with a release coinciding with the M11 milestone. Mozilla Beta 1 will be available by October, with binaries for Windows, Linux, MacOS, BeOS, and FreeBSD.

Before the release of Mozilla Beta 1, the last milestone release (M9)--introducing the Necko networking system--will be available this month. The features for the M10 and M11 milestones will be integrated into the first beta version of Mozilla. Beta 1 will include many of the features of current Netscape Communicator 4.x browsers, including e-mail, news, and an HTML editor.

The beta release plan for Mozilla is called "Porkjet" -- or "How do you make a pig fly fast?, strap jet engines to it". A feature freeze will occur on September 21, after which as many bugfixes will be made as possible. "If there ever was time when you were going to put the extra effort into getting this thing done.. now is most definitely the time," says James Everingham, Director of Browser Development for Netscape Communications, to the rest of the Mozilla.org development team.

According to Netscape's recent press release, the Open Source Mozilla project has seen over 50,000 downloads from developers worldwide. "By downloading the regularly updated milestone releases of the browser even before a public beta version is made available, the mozilla community is helping to ensure that the upcoming Netscape browser will be widely tested and based on the most standards-compliant technology on the Internet," said Bob Lisbonne, senior vice president of client products at Netscape. "mozilla.org is establishing itself as yet another successful open source project."

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