Originally Published: Thursday, 19 August 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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KDE 2.0 Screenshot page Gets Slashdotted

The KDE 2.0 screenshots provided by Daniel M. Duley were temporarily taken offline after Linux.com's interview with the KDE developer.

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On August 18, Linux.com put up an interview with Daniel M. Duley, core KDE developer. It was posted on Slashdot this morning. Duley's site, including screenshots of KDE 2.0 in action was taken offline. The information site was then promptly returned to www.jorsm.com.

The connection troubles on the site were due to the now-famous Slashdot effect. When articles are posted on Slashdot, a tremendously large group of users proceeds to visit linked sites. The number of concurrent Web users on the linked sites dramatically increases, beyond the point of service in most cases.

To find out how dramatic the Slashdot effect is, you can see the Slashdotted graphic on jorsm.com.

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