Originally Published: Monday, 16 August 1999 Author: Quentin Cregan
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SuSE Post 4.4 vulnerable to identd DoS

In a post to BugTraq, a potential DOS has been identified in SuSE's implementation of identd through inetd.

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To: BugTraq Subject: DOS against SuSE's identd Date: Sat Aug 14 1999 12:29:48 Author: Hendrik Scholz Message-ID: <19990814202948.26220.qmail@securityfocus.com>


The inetd.conf starts the identd with the options -w -t120 -e. This means that one identd process waits 120 seconds after answering the first request to answer later request. Lets say we start 100 requests in a short period. Due to the fact that it takes time to answer one request more identd's will be started each eating up about 900kb memory and waiting 120 seconds before terminating. I tested this behaviour on different machines with different hardware (RAM, Swap, NIC). Each machine becomes unusable after some seconds. This bug is in _every_ SuSE Version at least since 4.4. SuSE seems not to be interested in this bug becaus they did not answer any of my mails.

CU, Hendrik

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