Originally Published: Tuesday, 10 August 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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Tivoli Systems Extends Platform Support To Include Linux

Tivoli Framework and Applications to Run on Red Hat Linux Platform, In Response to Customer Demand

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From Business Wire:

Tivoli Systems Inc. today announced details of its plan to provide framework and application support for Linux, as previously announced early this year. The decision to support Linux, the world's freely distributed open-source operating system, and the timing of when to make these products available, was made based on customer demand. As the industry's leading supplier of open, cross-platform management solutions, Tivoli has a large number of customers with increasingly heterogeneous IT environments, to which Linux is rapidly being added.

"Having been users and advocates for Linux since its first release, we have been anxiously awaiting Tivoli's management solution for Linux," said Bjart Kvarme, chief engineer, Center for Information Technology Services, University of Oslo. "We currently have over 250 Linux workstations that we plan on managing with Tivoli solutions. Participating in the beta program to test this code will give us the quickest opportunity to provide our Linux systems with the same level of support we have received from Tivoli for other platforms."

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