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VA Linux Systems Announces New Systems, Internet Partnerships And Customer Wins

Linux Leader Teams Up With Abovenet, Cygnus, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Linuxcare, Red Hat and SGI

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SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- VA Linux Systems (VA), the Linux company, today announced numerous initiatives to further support its position as the leading Linux systems, services and Internet provider. VA announced breakthrough new systems and technologies; progress on Project Trillian with Cygnus, HP, IBM, Intel, and SGI; Internet promotion alliances with Abovenet, Linuxcare and Red Hat; and many new customer wins, including Brookhaven National Labs, Incyte Pharmaceuticals, E-Cards, E-Music.com and Scournet, providing testimony to VA's business momentum.

"With these announcements, VA is demonstrating not only that it is leading the industry with Linux systems and technology, but is showing a clear winning trajectory in Internet and technical market focus," said Dr. Larry Augustin, CEO of VA Linux Systems. "VA is blazing a trail in virtually every important aspect of the exploding Linux business."

Revolutionary Linux Systems Designs

VA today introduced four new models: the StartX SP, VA's first sub-$900 Linux PC; ClusterCity, a rackmounted configuration optimized for ISPs and Beowulf clustering; the Model 501, a state-of-the-art 2u rackmount server; and a revolutionary new class of 2u rackmount servers, the FullOn 2x2.

* StartX SP: Starting at $899, the StartX SP is a complete, convenient 400Mhz Intel Celeron Processor Linux PC bundle with monitor and VA Linux tested peripherals, pre-installed and tuned for individuals and education customers. Like all VA systems, it is available with a VA-optimized edition of the most popular Linux distributions.

* ClusterCity: A modular rack system for hungry scientific computational and web serving applications, VA's ClusterCity provides more than enough muscle for the toughest of today's problems and scales to meets tomorrow's challenges with the addition of more cluster nodes or node racks. Included within the ClusterCity architecture is VA's open source Cluster Management (VACM) software that simplifies management of dozens or hundreds of cluster nodes through innovative usage of Intel's EMP server management feature. Custom cluster configurations with up to 20 model 501 servers are available today with a standardized scientific computational and web serving cluster product to follow. VACM source is available at www.valinux.com/projects/vacm/.

* Model 501: The successor to the highly successful 2u VA 500 rackmount server, the 501 now offers CD-ROM, both low cost IDE and high-performance 10,000 rpm hard drives, RAID controllers, and external hotswap storage options now available starting under $2500.

* FullOn 2x2 RAS technology: This revolutionary Linux-based 2u rackmount server technology for ISPs and cluster customers provides exceptional Intel Pentium III (TM) performance and maximum reliability, accessibility and serviceability (RAS). The FullOn 2x2 (2 CPU, 2u) is the world's first 2u server for any OS to enable up to 5 hot-swap 10,000 RPM disks with full RAID support and 2 Gigabytes of main memory. VA is demonstrating the technology for the first time at LinuxWorld and will announce availability and pricing in September.

Project Trillian Milestones

In addition to these new products, the Trillian project for porting Linux to Intel's next-generation IA-64 architecture today announced achievement of new milestones. Formed earlier this year, the Trillian project represents the first major effort by the server and workstation industry to support an Open Source project of this depth and scale. (see separate release).

Internet Partnerships with Abovenet, Linuxcare and Red Hat for Linux Promotion

VA is a leader in selling Linux systems to e-businesses and fostering Internet partnerships. Today VA announced a new partnership with Abovenet for joint systems sales and hosting at Abovenet's co-location facility. The solution is designed for ISPs, content providers, search engines, and e-commerce sites. In a separate agreement, VA, Red Hat and Linuxcare jointly announced an e-seminar series about Linux and its benefits to business users (see separate releases).

Leading E-Commerce and Enterprise Companies Select VA Linux

VA also announced that several leading e-commerce and enterprise companies have implemented its systems and solutions, including Brookhaven National Labs, E-Cards, EMusic.com, Incyte and ScourNet. These and other case studies are available on VA's ecommerce web site, www.valinux.com. VA's customers had the following to say about Linux:

Brookhaven National Labs: "Linux has matured," said Ed McFadden, advanced computer analyst at Brookhaven's research lab in New York. "We have real support behind it with a company like VA, so our comfort level at Brookhaven in terms of using Linux for a scientific infrastructure is much higher than in the past. The fact that VA is committed to a single architecture really motivated us to go with them. We felt they are committed to making it work."

Incyte Pharmaceuticals: "The Linux OS is extremely important to Incyte's ability to process huge amounts of data cost effectively," said Stuart Jackson, bioinformatics project manager at Incyte. "Incyte has used a number of VA Linux System servers since 1998, and it is VA's commitment to Linux that led to Incyte's decision to select the company's products."

E-Cards: "Linux provides us with big advantages and VA provided E-Cards with a cost-efficient entry into the Linux world," said Robb Waterman, the company's founder and CEO. "It was an easy migration to go from the Unix system we had been using to VA Linux systems, and that was important. We like Linux's stability, and it's a comfort in working with Apache Webserving too."

E-Music.com: Emusic has been using VA Linux systems since 1995. "The first machines we bought from VA are still in use -- an impressive achievement in an industry in which four years may as well be a lifetime," said Gene Hoffman, EMusics.com's 23-year-old founder and CEO. "Just knowing we didn't have to go out and experiment with other machines that might not work under Linux was a major factor in our choice of VA. Also, VA hardware needs less maintenance than other services."

Scour.net: Mike Todd, vp of operations at Scour.net says, "Scour.net selected VA as a partner for several reasons: They wanted a vendor that is geographically more accessible than others and more importantly, with consistently reliable and knowledgeable support." They also wanted to work with a company with a bright future. "We wanted someone who would be around to help us as we grow."

VA Linux Systems

VA Linux Systems is the leading provider of Linux computer systems, support and Internet services. The first and fastest growing Linux systems company in the world, VA is a pioneer in providing high performance workstations and servers to enterprises, service providers and technical computing markets and is at the forefront of the open source revolution. Linux.com, a VA production, is the leading open source portal on the Internet, establishing millions of new users to connect dynamically to the work of the Linux community. Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., the privately held company has gained a reputation for innovation and responsiveness that is making it a leader in full service Linux solutions. For more information contact VA at http://www.valinux.com, 888 LINUX-4U or by sending email to sales@valinux.com.

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