Originally Published: Tuesday, 10 August 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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IBM joins advanced Linux effort

IBM has joined the effort to make sure that Linux will be ready to run Intel's next-generation microprocessor.

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From News.com:

"The computing giant has signed onto the Trillian initiative to "port" Linux to Intel's first 64-bit chip, code-named Merced, joining Intel, VA Linux Systems, SGI, Hewlett-Packard, and Cygnus Solutions, according to sources. The move indicates IBM's increasing seriousness toward the upstart operating system."

"Big Blue's support also reinforces an Intel-led push to bring leading software to the IA-64 architecture. Intel sees IA-64 as a way to lure more software companies and server manufacturers to adopt its world view, and the company been aggressive in encouraging efforts to bring the operating systems of today to Intel's chips of tomorrow, previously investing in Red Hat and VA as part of the push."

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