Originally Published: Sunday, 8 August 1999 Author: Jeff Alami
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Linux.com Prepares for LinuxWorld

Linux.com will have more featured content for LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, including several interviews, news features, and new developments.

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In preparation for LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, Linux.com will push harder to serve the Linux community. Featured content from LinuxWorld will be available from Linux.com.

Linux.com will have fresh new interviews. Expect to see the words of a prominent Debian developer, someone helping to make unified Linux certification a reality, and Larry Augustin of VA Linux Systems.

Reports from the floor of the exposition will be available, showcasing new developments in the Linux community. Linux.com readers will be able to stay up-to-date with the latest news and happenings at LWCE.

A new look will grace the front page of Linux.com in time for LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. A totally revamped Linux.com Links page will offer useful links to Linux sites on the Web. The Linux@Work site will be updated with new articles relevant to the the use of Linux by the industry.

Many thanks to the over 90 volunteers from the Linux community who are helping to make these developments a reality. Expect to see some interesting happenings here at Linux.com.

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