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New Community Banners!

We've added yet more community banners on Linux.com. I'd also like to point out what it takes to get a banner on linux.com since we've had alot of people ask....

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Alot of you really do want to have your websites promoted on Linux.com, and thats great, but what we feel is the best thing to do is to promote Open Source Projects. If you have some thing that you are working on, like a DNS Replacement or something like this, we'll pass it through our soon to be announced "Banner committee" and they will be the judge of whether or not a project will get a banner.

We don't typically want to support just "any old web page" because then we subject ourselves to giving anyone and everyone banner ads. We want it to really mean something, and not just be superfluous. Again, if there is a project, no matter how great or small, if it's decent enough and warrants publicity, we are going to give it to them, for free! Anyways, hit reload on any page, and if you see a project banner you like, please patronize their sites :)

Thanks, Trae McCombs Linux.com -- Site Manager

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