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Linux Technical support.

We've been getting alot of emails to the tuneup section lately asking for technical support so I'd like to clarify some things. The 'Tuning Linux' section is not a means for technical support, we have a separate department over here for that. What we do offer is a chance to provide tips or feedback as related to the tuneup section. We welcome any questions you have on tips you find in our database and will do our best to answer them, but please do not email us asking how to install linux.

On another note, we're still looking for people to help staff the tuneup section. If you'd like to help you can fill out this form and or email me at mbm@linux.com .

Incoming tips should be mailed to tuneup@linux.com.

On a somewhat related note we've put up a tip about escape codes here and few tips on filtering your email using procmail *grin*

-Mike Baker (mbm@linux.com)