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About Linux.com: Whats going on behind the scenes...

Well, we have been tweaking our news tools for a bit and they are finally ready to start keeping you up-to-date on whats going on at Linux.com. If you are interested in some of the goodies we have up our sleeves, read on!

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First of all, I'd like to thank all my staff for all of thier long hard tireless work on the backend of Linux.com. When we do, (yes we do plan to release the code to Linux.com one day!), you'll appreciate the fact that they took the extra time to code bells and whistles in.

There are 3 things I'd like to inform you of at this time as far as what we are doing here on Linux.com: Volunteer efforts, LUG improvements, and Banner ads.

Volunteers, this is something I personally feel strongly about. Without the masses helping on projects in the community, Linux wouldn't be where it is today. I'd like to ask each of you reading this to consider spending some of your time to help us make this site the BEST it can be. With your help, the help of the people, we'll build this beast into something that we can all proudly call home. Please check out our Volunteer tool on the right if you are interested in helping!

Next, our LUG section. We've had numerous emails about the status of our LUGs, and quite frankly you guys are right. It's not the greatest thing, thats why I have a new LUG project manager that is going to be heading up this section. She is actively involved in her local LUG, and is at this time building up a staff of volunteers to help her with that section. Once it's finished, I'm sure it will represent User Groups around the world in a light they'd like to be associated with.

Finally, Banner ads. I don't know if you've noticed, but we at Linux.com aren't doing any commercial banner ads. We are only doing ads for community projects. At this time, we are building up an Ad Committee to decide who should or shouldn't get banner ads and why. We'll add them as we can for now, but please, understand we are a bit swamped since everyone sees this is a great thing. :)

Thats about it, I also wanted to take one more moment to thank on the behalf of my staff here at Linux.com for the numerous amounts of positive feedback we've been getting to the feedback mailing list. Your kind words of encouragement, and brutal honesty when we've made a mistake is what helps keep us going!

Thanks for your time, Sincerely yours, Trae McCombs Linux.com -- Site Manager

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