Originally Published: Thursday, 11 October 2001 Author: Rick Philbrick
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Here's what happens when you run prepareclient:

[root@imageserver]# prepareclient

Welcome to the SystemImager prepareclient command.  This command
may modify the following files to prepare your client for having it's
image retrieved by the imageserver.  It will also create the 
/etc/systemimager directory and fill it with information about your 
golden client, such as the disk partitioning scheme(s). 
 /etc/services    -- add rsync line if necessary
 /etc/inetd.conf  -- comment out rsync line if necessary
                     (rsync will run as a daemon until shutdown)
 /tmp/rsyncd.conf -- create a temporary rsyncd.conf file with a
                     [root] entry in it.
All modified files will be backed up with the .beforesystemimager 

See "prepareclient -help" for command line options.

Prepare client for SystemImager? (y/[n]): y
Ok. Preparing client for SystemImager...

Creating /tmp/rsyncd.conf ...
Starting or re-starting rsync as a daemon.....done!

This client is ready to have it's image retrieved.
You must now run the "getimage" command on the imageserver.

In order to create more machines in the likeness of the GoldenClient we'll need to get the image from the GoldenClient and store it on the ImageServer. We do this by running the getimage command on the ImageServer. Running the getimage command can be as simple as specifying the name or IP address of the GoldenClient and what you want to call the image. But there are many more options, too.

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