Originally Published: Thursday, 27 September 2001 Author: Jessica Sheffield with the Staff and Volunteers of Linux.com
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Linux.com Beginners Week: Linux.com Top Pick of Beginners Web Sites

As Beginners week draws to a close here at Linux.com and folks are starting to settle down after the rush of events and activities, the staff and volunteers of Linux.com thought it would be useful to assemble and review some of the other web sites out there useful for the Linux beginner.

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LinuxMafia Slackware Resources


Although this site does not seem to have been updated in quite some time, it was and probably remains one of the best resources for Slackware Linux on the Web. It contains news, how-to's, changes, latest additions, and nearly everything else about Slackware.



Often said to be the easiest distribution for beginners to, well, begin with, Mandrake is a commercial distribution and this is its web site. You'll find a ton of information here for users and would be users of Mandrake including products and support as well as more advanced content aimed at developers.



LinuxNewbie.org is aimed at helping new users learn to use Linux. The site's main strength is its Newbie-ized Help files, which are straightforward how-to's for installing various aspects of Linux. These help files are easily comprehensible by the newest user to Linux. There is also a discussion board for people to talk about their experiences with Linux and to help others. LinuxNewbie.org is a very useful site for anyone looking to get into Linux.

Linux Newbie Administrator Guide


This site takes new users through a seven-step process from deciding whether Linux is right for their needs all the way to advanced commands for programming. Of special note is their "Linux Shortcuts and Commands" which is very useful and well-documented. A must-read for anyone looking to setup Linux at home and administer a home network.

Linux NOW!


Linux NOW! offers a file library, documentation, a discussion forum, and featured articles. The file library consists of a listing of all RPMS (a type of Linux software packaging system) available on the web. There is also a step-by-step tutorial on installing Linux, from reasons to install to the finished installation and what programs and applications to try. The tutorial also includes a section on hardware - what kinds are good under Linux and how to configure them. Linux NOW! has a full search option, but everything is simple to find without searching more than one or two levels of navigation.



Linux.org is one of the most complete repositories of information about Linux on the web. The site is one of the oldest Linux websites, operating since 1994. In that time it has managed to gather a huge amount of data, facts, how-tos, installation guides, and nearly everything else about Linux. Navigation can be a bit difficult as there is so much information to catalog, but the site is fully searchable. Chances are if you're looking for something about Linux, Linux.org has it.



LinuxToday is the closest thing the Linux community has to a daily newspaper - it's sort of a "Headline News" for Linux. The main page is comprised of headlines from other sites with links to the stories, and the occasional feature written by a guest columnist. LinuxToday rarely posts original content, but it is the best place to get all the daily news about Linux quickly. The site is easy to read, if a little haphazard in its layout.

Linux Weekly News


LWN is a weekly online magazine of Linux news, events, columns, and features. LWN has a variety of sections, each with features about aspects of Linux such as security, the kernel, distributions, the desktop, development, commerce, and news and announcements. They also have a Linux History section for folks who want to learn about where it all came from. LWN's content is some of the most informative and deep of any Linux media site, and their editors are excellent. The site is updated daily.

Linux World Conference and Expo


Linux World Conference and Expo is the major Linux conference, much as COMDEX is for the Windows world. The site contains information about the show, how to register, and a list of sponsors which reads like a "Who's Who" of the Linux industry. While the website itself doesn't have a whole lot of information about Linux, the conference session abstracts provide exciting clues about where Linux is headed in the coming years, and the list of sponsors is a fairly accurate list of which companies are participating in the Linux industry.

Red Hat Linux


Red Hat Linux is probably the most popular of the Linux distributions because of its ease of installation and use. Its website is an extension of its commercial product. However, there is a great deal of non-Red Hat-specific information on the site as well, and their support center is one of the best on the Web. You can also register your LUG in their database for free goodies to give out at events.

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