Originally Published: Saturday, 22 September 2001 Author: Maninder Bali
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Believe in Yourself

Linux.com regular contributor Mr Maninder Bali inspires us with this well written essay on success. In these trying times we could all use a little bit of this kind of advice.

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Believe in yourself:

... I want to jump up, and touch the stars ...

Men who want to jump up and touch the stars lack ambition. They limit themselves to one thing!

There are so many things a man can accomplish in life. There are no limits to what a human brain can achieve. You define your own limitations. Like they say, argue your limitations and sure enough, they are yours. You have got to believe in yourself, all the time. If you have any ideas or plans, believe in them and stick to them. One of the toughest things a human does is convincing himself and men around him that he is good enough. But does one really need to convince others?

I saw a movie called "Without Limits" where Steve Prefontaine talks about what I am talking about here. He says, one of the toughest things to do is to believe in something and stick by it. It tends to make the people around you very nervous if you believe in something so strongly. They will try their level best to talk you out of it. They usually can't see how someone could be so sure of anything.

I have experienced this in my life, and more so in the past year. People have tried to talk me out of all the ideas I have had. You can contact me personally to know more about that.

This is what usually happens. You come up with an idea and you know it is going to be a hit. But go talk about it to somebody, and the first thing you will probably hear is, oh that is surely not going to work. It is impossible! You try to convince him or her of how it is possible, and he will lash out at you and say something like "oh yeah, if your idea is so damn good, then how come no one has ever done it before?" Just 'cos no one has not done it before doesn't mean that it can't be done. No one had built the wheel before the man who did, but it worked, and I guess the wheel is now pretty important an invention. No one had come up with the idea of providing web based email free to customers, but Sabeer Bhatia of Hotmail did. It worked. No one thought of giving out source code free of cost. Richard Stallman did. I guess you know if that worked! The results are there for you to see. There must have been enough people to ridicule these guys when they started out. There were enough venture capitalists who rejected Sabeer Bhatia's idea of web based email, but what got him where he is? His belief in himself. His belief in his abilities, his talent, his ideas. That's all that separates you and Mr Big and Famous. He believes in himself.

The world needs a hero? Well, maybe. But what it does need for sure is men and women who believe in themselves, in their abilities, their ideas. This world needs them, and more than ever. What I am trying to say is, if you have something in you that you want to share with the world, please come forward and do so. There will be barriers, there will be hurdles and then again, there will be people who have been through this, like you. They will be there to help you, give you a helping hand and help you get there. And when you reach the top, trust me my friend, you wouldn't mind spending your entire life there!

Give it your best shot. At the end of it the result will be a victory or a defeat. But at least you would have tried. Sad are those who just sit ringside and clap and cheer, tasting neither of those feelings. You have to know what defeat feels like, to enjoy a victory. And only a true champion knows what his opponent feels like after a defeat. However, what you and I see as defeat, they see as a challenge. They see it as a message to improve, to work even harder than before. Remember, no champion ever lost a fight by falling down. Only by staying down.

You will fall, and will have your share of hurdles. What you have to remember is that you have to get up one more time and defy the odds. Beat the odds. You have to get up one more time than anyone else around you can.

Go out there and just do it. Remember, I think therefore I am and not I code therefore I am ;)

Footer: Maninder Bali works for Centurion Linux, one of the most promising Linux start-ups in India. To find out more about Centurion Linux, please visit http://www.centurionlinux.com/ You can mail him directly at: bali@linux.com All comments and feedback will be much appreciated.

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