Originally Published: Friday, 24 August 2001 Author: Linux.com Staff and Volunteers
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Staff Picks!

Welcome to a new feature of the Linux.com newsletter. Each week we will invite a member of the Linux.com community for their favorite "Staff Picks". Since Linux.com is such a large free resource this should be a great way to get right to the good stuff! Some staffers will also take the time to answer a one of the many questions we get each week. Don't forget, if you want to take part ust visit Linux.com and let us know!

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Here are this week's staff picks, chosen by Mukund, a Linux.com volunteer. Mukund recommends the following articles and resources on Linux.com:

* Two hundred Linux tune-up bits by Various Artists http://www.linux.com/enhance/tuneup/more.phtml?amount=200&offset=0

"Did you know this and that and biff and bam? Check the link out. Maybe you can learn a thing or two you never knew :-)"

* Bioware and Creature Labs discuss what's up with games for Linux by the Linux.com Live! Staff http://www.linux.com/interact/newsitem.phtml?sid=114&aid=11797

"This is a log of a previous Linux.com Live! IRC event, where employees from game developers Bioware and Creature Labs discuss linux gaming and the commercial aspects with it."

"Is the RedHat 7.x GCC really buggy? If program X does not compile with the RedHat 7.x GCC, is it really the compiler's problem?"

"The first released RedHat 7.0 GCC had bugs, which made it crash with certain input. They have hence been fixed. While the absence of bugs in any software cannot be guaranteed, newer versions of RedHat 7.x's GCC do a good job.

"GCC 2.96 was never released. There are no such compilers. The compilers in RedHat 7.x are clearly marked with the "RedHat" substring: gcc version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.x x.xx-xx)

"It is not a straight-out-of-CVS release. It has been maintained by several RedHat employees, a few of them who are also in the GCC team. Take it like a compiler collection released by any other company such as Microsoft. RedHat maintained and fixed it in-house, and released it. It is not a straight CVS release anymore."


"If you are blindly following someone else's miss-informed opinion, please educate yourself, so that whatever your opinion is, is your own :-) Of course, I am in no way related to RedHat or the company."

Also recommended by Mukund:

"Would you like a _complete_ and usable office suite to replace Microsoft Office? I recommend StarOffice. You can use it both under Windows and Linux operating systems." http://www.sun.com/products/staroffice/

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