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Welcome to the Linux.com newsletter for Monday July 23rd 2001

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Welcome to the Linux.com newsletter for Monday July 23rd 2001.

What a week for open source! With both the O'Reilly conference and the Perl conference July is a good time for learning new stuff and meeting new friends. Linux.com is, of course, no exception. This week is Developer's Week at Linux.com and we have a whole big mess of premium content for Linux and open source developers of all kinds.

This week (July 23rd through the 27th) Linux.com will be hosting live community events every single day with developers of various technologies we hope will be of interest to you. In addition we'll be publishing pages and pages of free documentation on everything from Perl to Python to GTK+.

Below you'll find the Developer Week schedule, so if you're near a computer (and who isn't?) drop in each day, check it out and even join the fun.

Plus don't forget to read last weeks articles in case you missed them, links below as usual.

Linux.com Developer Week Live! Events

Brian Aker - Slashcode and Apache Developer
Want to know more about what's up with Slashcode or curious about what TangentOrg has been doing? Brian Aker will be here to talk about some of his latest projects and Slashcode. Monday, 12pm PDT

"Author Talks" Series - The Quick Python Book
Ken McDonald and Darryl Harms talk to us about one of their latest books and what they're up to. Tuesday, 12pm PDT

Jibber Jabber - Talking With The People From Jabber
Several of the developers of Jabber will be coming in and talking with us about what they've been up to and any new developments with Jabber. Wednesday, TBD

Guido van Rossum - Creator of Python

Back in the 1990s, a new language was created by this man. And we're going to have him come in and talk with us about why he created Python and where he wants to go with it. Thursday, 12pm PDT

Allison Randall - Perl Developer

Sources tell us she's the fastest Perl coder in the South. We don't know for sure, but she'll be talking about projects that she's working on and her experiences developing with Perl this week. Thursday, 6pm PDT

Jay Thorne - User-Friendly Programmer
Yes, don't worry, this one's user-friendly. We can all thank Jay for bringing us a lot of the coding that makes User Friendly's site possible. He'll be talking with us about his experiences with the User Friendly crew and what it's like to do a lot of the work that he does. Friday, 12pm PDT

Linux.com Developer Week Free Documentation

Writing CGI Scripts in Perl: Part 1: Getting Ready
Our first developer week article takes a detailed look at starting from page one with developing CGI scripts in Perl.

Modules and Scoping Rules in Python
This substantial article adapted from "The Quick Python Book" gives you a ton of information on modules in Python development.

GNOME Programming in Linux using GTK+
Learn to start programming your own Gnome applications using the GTK+ toolkit.

Writing CGI Scripts in Perl: Part 2: Decoding Client Data
In this second article in a series for new Perl and CGI developers Linux.com takes you through the steps of decoding client supplied data over the Internet for use in your CGI scripts.

And more!

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