Originally Published: Tuesday, 5 June 2001 Author: Kristina Pfaff-Harris
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Software Review: Inflex 1.0.6: Sanitized for Your Protection

Kristina Pfaff-Harris reviews the latest version of Inflex for Linux.com, a mail sanitizer released under the GPL and a crucial part of any sysadmin's arsenal against spam and other malicious email.

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Installing Inflex

Download the package from: http://www.pldaniels.com

cd /usr/src
gunzip < inflex-1.0.6.tar.gz | tar -xvf - cd inflex-1.0.6


Welcome to inflex

This install program will perform the following operations...

  • Ask a series of questions regarding inflex
  • Create required user/group account
  • Locate your sendmail.cf and create an inflex.cf
  • Ask you 'are you really sure'...
  • Install inflex files into specified location
  • Inform you of changes made.

OS which you are installing this for?
1. Linux RedHat
2. Linux Slackware
3. Linux Debian
4. Linux SuSE
5. FreeBSD

Choice [1] :

AntiVirus program to use ?
0. No AntiVirus
1. FProt/Datafellows FSAV
2. Sophos Sweep
3. McAfee UVscan
4. NOD 32
5. Inoculate

Choice [0] :

inflex install directory? [/usr/local/inflex] :

(Note: if you do not have an inflex user or group, inflex will add them for you).

inflex user [inflex] :
inflex group [inflex] :
User to receive all email blocked reports ? [postmaster] : Sendmail configuration file [/etc/sendmail.cf] :

Details of your installation...

Install path: /usr/local/inflex
inflex User: inflex
inflex Group: inflex
Admin Email: postmaster
Sendmail.cf file: /etc/sendmail.cf

Are these details correct (y/n) : y

Checking user/group details... groupadd: group inflex exists
added group 'inflex'.. done.
user 'inflex' already exists.
Getting UID/GID...UID for inflex = 505, GID for inflex = 505
Creating MDA file... done.
Applying updates to sendmail.cf to create inflex.cf... done.
Installing files... done. 'inflex.cf' already
exists, do you want to overwrite? (y/N) : y done.
cleaning up temporary install files... done.
Install sendmail periodic (15 minute) queuing in crontab (y/n) ? : n
Do you want to restartsendmail (y/N) : y

Congratulations, Inflex is installed.

Please add the new sendmail startup to your startup scripts, the startup line should now appear as...

/usr/sbin/sendmail -bd -q15m -C /usr/local/inflex/inflex.cf

Thank you and enjoy the new safety of your email...

This install script was backported from the commercial XaMime Email sanitation program. http://xamime.com

1.0.11 - May 12 7:18 EST 2001 pldaniels <pldaniels@pldaniels.com>

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