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Meeting The People That Started It All

As a way of kicking off the second birthday for Linux.com, we decided to have a reunion of the people that started it all. The people that we can hold responsible for the site that we are today. If you missed meeting the original staff members of Linux.com then you can still read the log from the event. Just click on the link below.

* OctobrX waves
<ltd> Oct
<starlady> allrighty
<OctobrX> sorry
<starlady> we'd like to thank all the original staff members for being here :)
<starlady> would you guys like to introduce yourselves and tell what you did/do for LInux.com? :)
<OctobrX> I'll have to leave in about 15 mins... some baby stuff[tm] to take care of ;)
<OctobrX> Well, I guess you could say I started it :)
<OctobrX> heh
<garrett> I've designed it. (:
<OctobrX> Seriously though, The reason VA hired me was my ability to get volunteers to put a project together... like I did with themes.org
<starlady> Please /msg your questions for any of the original staff members to starlady. Thanks :)
* garrett is the art director, and does the layout / gfx / etc.
<OctobrX> fusion94: where is my laptop!
<fusion94> OctobrX: bast***
<OctobrX> fusion94: ;)
<[MbM]> You know, I've done so many things I forgot what I actually do
<fusion94> OctobrX: i never knew mary had the baby
<fusion94> OctobrX: CONGRATS
<OctobrX> fusion94: bah, you gotta check octobrx.com more often!
<fusion94> OctobrX: when you bringing her in ?
<OctobrX> anyway
<OctobrX> sorry starlady
* OctobrX get's back to biz
<[MbM]> at one point I was running tuneup, there's my claim to fame
<gerard> hello, I'm with the development team
<OctobrX> any questions for me?
<OctobrX> gerard: <--- original code slave
<ltd> I did a few things on tuneup also
<OctobrX> ltd: !
* OctobrX waves to ElectricElf
<Zagreus> <--- original editor-in-chief / news monkey... now editor of Develop section
<starlady> Anyone else want to introduce himself?
<ltd> Oct: Ltns
<Beret> I managed the IRC channel stuff during initial development, then later started working on l.c
<OctobrX> the coolest thing about linux.com was, it was a bunch of guys I knew from IRC.
<OctobrX> Dan, aka: Load was a bud from #LinuxOS on efnet
<OctobrX> he was our sysadmin
<Beret> OctobrX: had you met anyone other than Garrett in the beginning?
<OctobrX> hmmm not really
<OctobrX> oh that's another freaky thing
<garrett> heh
<OctobrX> I met all these guys on irc...
<OctobrX> and hired them without ever seeing them :)
<ltd> It worked though
<OctobrX> it just worked out that they weren't freaks or something.
<ltd> (Or did it? :)
<starlady> <ElectricElf> linux.com has gone through some changes. I rather liked the original layout. As I recall, I even have some saved .html files. What were the rationale(s) behind the changes? (And how's it going? :)
<[MbM]> heh the first time we all got togather was interesting
<OctobrX> garrett: heh, rational?
<garrett> "change is good"?
<garrett> I guess?
<garrett> heh
<OctobrX> garrett and I both are GUI junkies
<OctobrX> heh, we both love to change our desktops....
<OctobrX> I ran themes.org
<garrett> it's an unwritten law of websites that you must change your site at least twice a year, else it looks stagnant
<OctobrX> so .... it's a consequence of who I am and who garrett is that linux.com changed so much.
<garrett> of course, some sites, such as Slashdot.org, don't, but that's ok.
<ltd> Exception to a rule?
<Zagreus> heh.. every time I see a new site design I realize that the old design had flaws in presenting content.. so each time it gets better, generally
<OctobrX> I love VA to death, and loved the fact I had a chance to get linux.com started, but I don't think I was probably the best candadite for creating a site such as linux.com...
<OctobrX> heh
<starlady> <MiDS> were you guys already in the linux.com team before the domain sale?
<OctobrX> MiDS: naw....
<OctobrX> MiDS: it was bought by VA from a guy named Fred. And Larry hired me to do something with it.
<garrett> Zagreus: yeah, most of the new ones try to address problems with the old (at least, that's the intent)
<Beret> OctobrX then formed the team from there
<garrett> (:
<OctobrX> sorrry: Larry Augustin (CEO of VA Linux)
<OctobrX> yeah...
<starlady> <ElectricElf> (Okay, fair enough about the change; I can see how you might need to spruce things up every now and them - but I still like the original better :) I was always curious; could you explain a bit about the tuneup section? Whos submits the tips? Who moderates/edits them? Are the comments moderated?
<OctobrX> that's one thing, I can't code, or anything like that, so I gathered tons of cool ppl to do the work for me ;)
<[MbM]> I didn't even know about the linux.com sale at the time, all I remeber was OctobrX telling us to hold off on the sixsteps thing
<ltd> OctobrX: eventually salves turn on their master :)
<OctobrX> [MbM]: heh, wanna get the tuneup Q?
<OctobrX> ltd: tee hee.
<OctobrX> s/Q/question/
* ltd wonders where aphzen is.
<[MbM]> ElectricElf: there's a group of around 6 people that claim to be the tuneup staff
<garrett> ElectricElf: well, a lot of people did love the original, so parts of the new one was kinda based off of that a little (such as the revitilization of the round corner, but on the top right now, etc.). There are a few things that pay tribute to earlier layouts in this new one. (:
<OctobrX> tuneup stuff is still open for submissions etc right?
<starlady> ltd: in bed, it's like 4 am there (or so he tells me)
<[MbM]> ElectricElf: We write most of the tips ourselves, occasionally we get some submissions
<starlady> Please /msg questions for the staff of Linux.com to starlady. Thanks! :)
<[MbM]> lately though the staff has been rather busy and all the obvious tips already taken
<ltd> starlady: This I do know, I'm also in AU
<[MbM]> I remeber when we used to do them at a rate of 1-2 a day
<[MbM]> (not as easy as it sounds)
<OctobrX> Oh, one of the biggest things I wanted to do... was to create a site run, as much as possible, by volunteers. I wanted a place where anyone could work on a site to help make it great. I remember asking Mike McClagen(sp?) of linux.org if he needed any help... waaay long ago, and he basically told me he didn't want or need my help. I still think people that want to contribute should be allowed to. That's the whole idea behind linux.com.
<starlady> and along those lines... <bitwize> what were the initial goals for the linux.com site? and after 2 years, do you think it has acheived/surpased those goals?
<starlady> and <Carnel> What were the original goal that you held for Linux.com and have you met them? Or have they changed since the original conception?
<OctobrX> bitwize: :/ Well, the sad thing is.... Linux.com needs to be a HUGE resource. The problem with this is... the task of documenting anything and everything related to linux is a chore. I think the guys are finally getting a handle on that now... but in the beginning... we didn't know where to start.
<OctobrX> Carnel: heh, I've met most of the staff, including volunteers... up till the point I got my promotion and moved on from linux.com. I still would like to meet other of the volunteers. I've never met a volunteer I didn't like ;)
<OctobrX> Carnel: oh, and yeah, things do change on linux.com... the staff is as much of a growing beast as the site is.
<[MbM]> basically any time we get close to being ahead they decide to change the look of the site :)
<starlady> haha
<ltd> Oct: promotion aye?
<OctobrX> ltd: ;)
<OctobrX> Community Advocate.
<OctobrX> w00p
<OctobrX> errr
<OctobrX> sorry
<OctobrX> Community Evangelist
* ltd whacks oct
<OctobrX> hehe
<OctobrX> let's all pray about OpenSource my brothers and sisters.
<starlady> Ok, it's time to give away our first prize pack...
<OctobrX> and FreeSoftware(don't want RMS beating me)
<starlady> this will be a SuSE Linux boxed set and SuSE t-shirt, courtesy of (who else) the good folks at SuSE
<ltd> OctobrX: Don't go starting license wars now.
<OctobrX> ltd: ;)
<starlady> I'd like for OctobrX to /msg me a number between 1 and 100
* OctobrX hates to eat and run, but were there anymore questions for me?
<OctobrX> starlady: heh, okies
<OctobrX> if you know me, you should be able to figure the number out!
* OctobrX runs
<starlady> and I'll unmoderate the channel... everyone say a # between 1 and 100
<starlady> first person to post something gets it
<starlady> and for the sake of not having too many dupes
<jedigeek> 2
<starlady> the number 42 is off limits ;)
<jedigeek> :)
<starlady> ready?
<OctobrX> starlady: haha
<OctobrX> starlady: go
<lazarus> 47
<Kilroy> 73
<earendil> 37
<miro> 88
<Number1> 49
<Matt> 19
<maswan> 47
<NivFreak> 43
<Carnel> 13
<MiDS> 69
<thelema> 55
<tuxje> 84
<miro> 88
<Morph> 13
<NivFreak> 41
<miro> 88
<NivFreak> 40
<garrett> heh
<NivFreak> 99
<bitwize> 24
<maswan> 69
<ElectricElf> 39
<OctobrX> hahaha
<MiDS> 55
<tuxje> jezus christ =)
<Morph> 69
<lazarus> first person to post "something"?? :)
<Fuzebox> 39
<jedigeek> hehe
<Number1> douglas adams died at 49.. so if it's not 42... it has to be 49.. hehe
* ElectricElf wonders what's going on ...
<NivFreak> 1
<OctobrX> this is fun
<TheNut> 42
<miro> lol
<ltd> Do staff members get to pick? :)
<Fuzebox> 88
<OctobrX> noone has it.
<MiDS> 12
<NivFreak> 67
<ziga_> -1
<thelema> 23
<Fuzebox> 73
<jedigeek> 11
<ElectricElf> Number1: He ws just late, is all.
<maswan> 66
<earendil> 7
<Morph> 99
<Number1> ElectricElf: late ?
<garrett> Load: !!
<OctobrX> noone still has it.
<xs> 2
<maswan> 100
<NivFreak> 50
<starlady> hiya Load :)
<TheNut> random number between 1 and 100 == 42
<Load> heya
<garrett> Load: hey
<thelema> 5
<Carnel> 73
<jedigeek> 6!
<ltd> Load: quick, win the prize :)
<tuxje> 21
<Morph> 32
<TheNut> in all cases
<Kilroy> 1
<starlady> I haven't seen it...
<Morph> 65
<thelema> 91
<Morph> 23
<NivFreak> 44
<Fuzebox> 3
<Load> 42
<Morph> 12
<ElectricElf> Oooh, I see! :)
<Morph> 65
<ElectricElf> lol :)
<bitwize> 19
<xterm[away]> what the...
<Fuzebox> 92
<Load> heh
<ElectricElf> 10
<NivFreak> 52
<lazarus> Number1: as in, "the late duglas adams" :)
<ElectricElf> Heheh.
<maswan> 37
<Vaughn> 13
<OctobrX> ElectricElf: !!!!
* ElectricElf gives up.
<starlady> ElectricElf: has it!
<NivFreak> 89
<miro> 35
<Vaughn> 0
<thelema> 37
<miro> 91
<ElectricElf> Huh?
<NivFreak> 66
<starlady> <OctobrX> 10
<Fuzebox> that's enough
<OctobrX> re-mod starlady
<Fuzebox> :P
<OctobrX> heh
<OctobrX> yeah, http://octobrx.com/alias.phtml
<OctobrX> heh
<OctobrX> i have like x@*
<starlady> next time I think we'll just have everyone guess one and have the closest get it. ;)
<OctobrX> so if you knew I'm a bozo for the letter X
<starlady> <influx> where did x@* get started?
<OctobrX> you'd know it was roman numeral 10
<OctobrX> who knows
<OctobrX> some drug induced evening
<starlady> ElectricElf: please /msg me your name and address and I'll send you the SuSE package :)
<OctobrX> heh
<OctobrX> Load: !
<Load> hey trae
* OctobrX hugs Dan
<Load> :P
<ltd> Aww, how cute
<starlady> One more for Trae
<OctobrX> Load: go to me site and check out baby pics!
<starlady> <Morph> October: Is it true you've formed an unholy alliance with Kathie Lee Gifford?
<OctobrX> starlady: yessmamm
<garrett> heh
<Load> octobrx: you spawned? god help us... :)
<OctobrX> Morph: bawahahahahaa
<ltd> Load: 2bph3ared
<garrett> OctobrX's real name is Regis
<OctobrX> Morph: shhh, we are plotting to overthrow Bill's cabin in Washington, and open it up as a geek resort for Un*x heads.
<garrett> j/k, *runs away*
<starlady> <Number1> question: who came up with the photo of the day idea ?
<starlady> <Number1> (it's great :)
<OctobrX> Wasn't it Emmett?
<starlady> I think so
<[MbM]> yeah
<OctobrX> I think Garrett might have had it a long time agao
<OctobrX> but I shot it down
<OctobrX> heh
<garrett> heh
<garrett> all good ideas are shot down by trae
<OctobrX> and Emmett made it sound good ;)
* garrett runs
<garrett> jk
* OctobrX beats garrett
<OctobrX> ok guys
<OctobrX> I reallly have to run.
<garrett> k
<OctobrX> Sorry so short.
<garrett> oct: see ya later
<garrett> hrm
<Zagreus> remember folks -- it's not about having good ideas. it's about making them sound good too
* garrett kicks xchat's completion
<OctobrX> Thanks to all the staff for making linux.com so great and giving me a wonderful two years ;)
<OctobrX> see ya round.
<gerard> see ya
<OctobrX> stop by #osdn if you ever get bored ;)
<starlady> <MiDS> What is the intended audience of linux.com and how do you try to reach managers or business ppl (if you try)?
<garrett> Zagreus: and it's also about having the bossman think they're good that day (;
* starlady punts MiDS's question to Beret
* starlady wonders if Beret is awake.
<Beret> yes, I am
<garrett> heh
<Beret> the intended audience of Linux.com is really everyone that needs information about Linux
<Beret> that can be a business man wondering if it's actually decent AND free
<Beret> or a tech wanting to know how to do a particular task with linux
<ltd> Do you think linux.com has any corporate implications?
<Beret> ltd: such as?
<starlady> Please /msg questions for the staff of Linux.com to starlady. Thanks! :)
<ltd> Beret: just trying to ascertain any views on that.
<Beret> no
<Beret> we are completely vendor neutral
<Beret> we always have and always will retain editorial integrity
<Beret> without that, linux.com would be no resource
<starlady> <Number1> question: Will there be more "Linux.com HowTo's" like for example: Installing KDE, Getting AntiAliasing up and running and so on
<Beret> sure, we're always looking to add valuable content
<ltd> Some sections fit that description somewhat, even though the "how to" may be brief.
<Beret> most of the content on Linux.com is 'howto' oriented without being a howto in a strict sense of the word
<Beret> howtos are notorious for being able to be understood only by those who don't really need them
<Beret> that is what a lot of the Linux.com content helps to fix
<ltd> I think it takes an author to write a good and complete howto, especially with more complex software.
<starlady> ok
<starlady> time for another giveaway
<starlady> this time just guess ONE number ;)
<starlady> to explain again how this works: Beret will /msg me a number between 1 and 100
<starlady> I'll unmoderate the channel, and everyone guesses ONE number
<starlady> if there are duplicates, the first person to guess a number gets it
<starlady> the person with the number closest to Beret's wins a prize pack from SuSE Linux.
<starlady> Beret: ready?
<starlady> (and no guessing 42!)
<starlady> Beret: any time you're ready /msg me a # :)
<starlady> hrm
<[MbM]> heh
<starlady> ok who else wants to pick a # this time? :)
<ltd> me me !
<starlady> ok ltd
<starlady> /msg it my way
<starlady> n/m
<starlady> ok
<starlady> here we go
<NivFreak> 77
<MiDS> 80
<ziga_> 58
<Kilroy> 1
<JALH> 37
<Number1> 49
<bitwize> 49
<laz> 64
<Carnel> 55
<Rias> 73
<lazarus> 47
<Matt> 19
<tdengler> 75
<earendil> 37
<seek> 10 :)
<tuxje> 15
<ElectricElf> 62
<legart> 42!
<laurbergII> 34
<labisso> 35
<labisso> 67
<starlady> no guesing 42
<Beret> starlady: someone got it
<Beret> starlady: actually more than one
<NivFreak> 49?
<starlady> <Beret> 37
<earendil> damnit
<starlady> JALH got it first :)
<JALH> w00t!
<JALH> :)
<earendil> that's my number too :/
<ElectricElf> :)
<Rias> jalh you bastard!
<ziga_> grr
<Rias> :)
<lazarus> i thought we were only guessing one number?
* JALH jumps around the channel
<JALH> :)
<seek> heeeheeeheee
<Number1> damn... 49!
<Number1> hehe
* earendil sees 37 in RL so much its become an obsession /
<starlady> JALH: /msg me a name and address I can send this too
<Number1> pay tribute ;)
<starlady> earendil: go ahead and send me yours too :) I have enough to send out
<influx> hehe
<starlady> ok, we're going moderated again
* ltd must go to bed
<starlady> <Carnel> Do you see any major changes (other than the page layout hehe) in the future for Linux.com or has it reached a point where you'd like to see it remain for content?
<Beret> the new layout/organization that you see is really just the first step
<Beret> we'll be adding functionality, navigational upgrades, and more content now
<starlady> any sneak previews? :)
<Beret> web espionage? nah :)
<Zagreus> yeah, there might be new types of content on the horizon in various sections, like Develop
<Zagreus> we'll definitely be continuing to find ways to make the site content more useful and accessible
<starlady> <ElectricElf> Which desktop environments, if any, do you use? :)
* garrett uses Gnome w/ Sawfish
<garrett> and the Gimp (:
* garrett lives in the Gimp
<Zagreus> <-- gnome
<gerard> ximian gnome 1.4 w/ sawfish
<Beret> I personally, am not a fan of integrated desktop environments, give me a good, fast, customizable window manager, and I'm happy (blackbox).
<garrett> (it almost qualifies as a desktop environment for me, like Emacs to others)
<Beret> it's really a matter of preference though, use what you like
<ltd> sawfish is good, without gnome :)
<Zagreus> I also tend to use enlightenment because I'm addicted to a few of its obscure features which end up making other windows managers very frustrating
<starlady> <laz> are you going to try to snag linux.biz and linux.info when they become available?
<garrett> KDE is really cool too, especially Konqueror and the anti-alised fonts. Can't wait for Gnome 2.0, as it will be based on GTK+ 2.0 and have the nice font smoothing stuff (:
<ltd> keybindings are a very nice way to launch programs.
<garrett> Sawfish is ultra configurable and it can be made to act and look like any other window manager, and also do more, as it is scriptable (through rep (lisp) )
<ltd> Mmmm, lisp
<Zagreus> (sometimes (lisp (can (be (really (annoying))))))
<garrett> (you don't need to know lisp to use it though, of course)
<starlady> ^--- question from laz
<Zagreus> laz: all I knows is I'm gonna try to snag the good ones myself if I can =)
<starlady> <Carnel> And related to my question... are there any expansion plans to move to the very fringes of Linux or beyond (for example more content about BSD, QNX, and other *nix's). Or even outside of that, towards Mac and windows (though most likely on another page ;)
<Beret> Carnel: no
<Beret> Carnel: we are Linux.com
<Beret> and there is enough to be done to keep us focused on Linux
<Beret> it's a good question though
<Zagreus> we have had a bit of content about BSD in the past.. but mostly comparisons of BSD stuff to Linux
<starlady> <ElectricElf> (Question for staffers): If you wanted someone to write a HOWTO, upon what would you like it based?
<Zagreus> and of course, there are some articles dealing with stuff that isn't linux-only
<Zagreus> (like an article on Python programming, for example)
<starlady> Please /msg questions for the staff of Linux.com to starlady. Thanks! :)
<Beret> do you mean what format we want it based on?
<Beret> or on what topic?
<Zagreus> ElectricElf: a Geek Dating HOWTO would be nice =) heh
<Beret> topics are definitely open
<Beret> but we would prefer plain text as a format
<Beret> that gives us the most liberty
<ElectricElf> Which topic :)
<ElectricElf> Gimme something to work on ... see what I come up with.
<Beret> anything that isn't covered :-)
<starlady> <NivFreak> Where do you see linux in 5 years?
<goodness> complete world domination
<Beret> to be honest, that depends on a lot of things we don't have control over
<Zagreus> ElectricElf: what would be really nice is some sort of Intro to Programming HOWTO covering the basics of development in linux using C... that way people can get started hacking away
<starlady> "with a debian logo on it"
<starlady> </quote> ;)
<gerard> not
<gerard> =)
<ltd> starlady: amen :)
<Beret> it's easy to speculate that linux will have a strong stance in the server market
<starlady> anyone else for that question?
<Beret> as it does already and is gaining fast
* ltd bows to the allmighty debian deity
<Zagreus> I think linux will steadily improve and find itself on more and more servers and workstations with time... linux is definitely not the be-all and end-all under any circumstances.. in 5 years time I wouldn't be surprised if some new OS was headed for "world domination"
<Beret> the hold in the desktop market depends on several factors, the economy, the improvements in Linux, Microsoft, etc
<Load> If M$ continues with their subscription based OS, I think Linux will see a big boost
<goodness> oem installations...
<Beret> agreed
<starlady> ok, time for another giveaway :)
<starlady> (editing this log is going to be SO fun)
<Matt> lol
<starlady> Again, I'll unmoderate, and everyone guesses ONE number. ltd has already sent me a number between 1 and 100
<starlady> closest wins :)
<starlady> (obviously, if you've already won, don't play this round)
<starlady> and no guessing 42!
<lazarus> 47
<ziga_> 56
<Kilroy> 12
<tdengler> 66
<NivFreak> 77
<Carnel> 73
<lazarus> 47
<MiDS> 84
<Matt> 19
<BZFlag> 73
<Dazman> 24
<laz> 64
<bitwize> 89
<Zagreus> **** FORTY-TWO!!!!!!!!! ****
<TheNut> oh please, I like 42!
<Beret> 7
<Beret> do i win?
<Beret> :)
<ElectricElf> 12
* starlady smax Beret
<ElectricElf> Oh, someone said that ;)
<NivFreak> 99
<NivFreak> :P
<TheNut> 3.14159265
<garrett> 65?
<Matt> EE - you won already :&P
<starlady> anyone else who hasn't guessed?
<Number1> 23
<laurbergII> 69
<seek> 1
<JALH> 37
<JALH> ?
<garrett> heh
<JALH> :)
<TheNut> E
<NivFreak> 50
<NivFreak> :P
<TheNut> SQRT(2)
<labisso> 87
<MiDS> JALH: cheater
<xs> sqrt(-1)
<starlady> you can only guess once
<JALH> mids ;)
<starlady> I'll take the first number you guessed
<starlady> lazarus is the winner
<ElectricElf> Matt: I simply cannot resist. I *need* to play :) It's a gambling thing.
<starlady> <ltd> 50
<Zagreus> 31.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899.. fj34r my pi memorizations skillz
<Dazman> Zagreus: 31?
<Dazman> Zagreus: thought it was 3.1...
* Dazman runs
<Zagreus> okay okay
<starlady> congrats lazarus! :)
<Zagreus> memorization skills minus typing skills
<Matt> the rest looks good to me tho - I only have the first 20 or so dp memorised tho
<starlady> lazarus: /msg me your name and address
<starlady> and we'll go on with the questions... :)
<Dazman> Zagreus: hehehehe.
<starlady> <TheNut> Do you think GNU/linux (though especially RedHat) can become/is becoming commercialised (as in is it being pushed around too much by market forces)
<gerard> it's a commercial distribution.. but it's not really any different than something like debian
<gerard> most distro's differ on package management
<gerard> RH has their server line too.. that is definately more 'commercialised'
<Zagreus> TheNut: I think the fact that linux and its software is open source makes it impossible for a single company or group of companies to exert full control over its development
<[MbM]> the markets are slightly different, redhat aims at more of an enterprise level
<starlady> <Carnel> how would you rate your Linux uses. Desk top users? Kernel Hackers? And what towards which type of user do you mainly aim Linux.com towards?
<gerard> do you mean our personal linux use?
<gerard> if so i use it for regular desktop use as well as development
<starlady> yeah
* starlady uses it for desktop stuffs, for what it's worth )
<[MbM]> I tend to be more towards kernel hacking although I probably wouldn't classify myself as being a good kernel hacker
<starlady> Last call for questions... we'll be wrapping things up pretty soon here
<[MbM]> If you read the original tuneup tips it's kinda obvious what stuff I'm into
<starlady> <MiDS> what is your opinion about non opensource linux software?
<gerard> to each their own.. but if there are 2 similar products and one is open source, while the other one isn't.. I think most will pick the open sourced one
<Beret> well, here is my opinion
<Beret> I've used Linux for a long time
<Beret> when commercial Linux software first came around, (Accelerated X), people bought it and used it over Xfree
<Beret> reason? It was just better
<Beret> it was faster, more efficient, and supported more cards
<Beret> that's where a majority of commercial linux software took off
<garrett> (same w/ OSS (the sound stuff))
<Beret> however, over time, the free versions (open source) grew better, and soon the commercial software lagged behind
<[MbM]> it'd be rather short sighted to belive that everything can be developed free in a short period of time. Commercial software fills the gap for people who want features but can't be bothered to wait for a free alternative, or people that need a support team to back them up.
<Beret> now, there is no reason to take commercial software over open source
<Zagreus> except when it comes to things like realplayer =P
<garrett> well
<garrett> things that are a void in free software (as I see it): vector graphics apps
<[MbM]> if there's a developer that finds a need for a certain piece of software then it gets written, that's why we have so many damn text editors and development tools but very little in teh way of productivity
<garrett> that's the main thing that's on my list
<andy> blender
<andy> :)
<garrett> right now, I use CorelDraw whenever I have to really do a graphics thing
<garrett> andy: what is blender?
<garrett> blender is not free, nor is it a vector app
<garrett> (:
<andy> http://www.blender.nl/ iirc
<garrett> it's a 3d modeller / renderer that is for no cost, but proprietary
<garrett> Sketch is the best free vector app, but it's not good enough (yet)
<andy> it does let you do some vectored graphics
<garrett> but all the vector stuff I do has to go to print
<starlady> <BZFlag> What do you think of ESR's references to the current kernel development community as not being structured to handle large sweeping changes well?
<andy> oh, i see
<garrett> andy: not really
<Zagreus> TheNut says that "I am now (as of garrett's comments) working on a vector graphics programme"
<garrett> so I would be stuck with Illustrator under Windows if it wasn't for CorelDraw under their own Wine hack.
<garrett> luckily, most of my graphic needs are met by the Gimp, as I'm usually more concerned with raster graphics
<garrett> (:
<[MbM]> BZFlag: that can be argued abit, I think it's still alot better than proprietary systems where you need to maintain backwards compatibility
<garrett> TheNut: will it have pantone, color seperation, cmyk, etc?
<garrett> (:
* garrett would looooove a vect app
<garrett> err
<garrett> vector
<garrett> sketch is the best so far, sodipodi has potential, and killustrator just sucks \:
<garrett> (well, for what I need at least)
<starlady> ok
<starlady> time for our final giveaway :)
<garrett> I have done a few things in sketch, and I can say it's pretty decent.
<starlady> rules are the same, I'll unmoderate and everyone picks ONE number between 1 and 100
<garrett> starlady: ooh! can I pick the #?
<garrett> (:
<starlady> if you pick more than 1 I'll only look at the first
<starlady> garrett: sure
<starlady> :)
<garrett> heh
<garrett> ok
<starlady> prize pack is another SuSE Linux boxed set and t-shirt from our friends at SuSE
<starlady> closest number wins. :)
<starlady> here we go...
<ziga_> 6
<Kilroy> 34
<NivFreak> 90
<Carnel> 69
<thelema> 25
<TheNut> 29
<seek> 67
<tdengler> 11
<MiDS> 75
<ElectricElf> 95
<cdlu> !
<andy> 82
<lazarus> 0
<ziga_> hiya andy
<ElectricElf> laz: Smartass :)
<BZFlag> 49
<laurbergII> 48
* spydie is back , be very, very afraid [ gone ! 14h50m40s ]
<NivFreak> 2^3
<andy> heya ziga_
<lazarus> elf: can'
<lazarus> t win anyway :)
<spydie> what are you playing :P
<ElectricElf> 1677216
<cdlu> 74!
<jedigeek> 9
<spydie> 42
<jedigeek> 87
<lazarus> 990036946
<andy> ElectricElf: Segmentation fault. Core dumped.
<jedigeek> heh
<lazarus> 54
<cdlu> andy: that would be "11"
<starlady> ok, about to moderate again
<ElectricElf> andy :)
<ElectricElf> Winner? :)
<starlady> ElectricElf would be the winner if he hadn't already won
<starlady> <garrett> 98
* ElectricElf HAD to go for it. Apologies.
<starlady> so it looks like NivFreak to me
<ElectricElf> Agreed.
<ElectricElf> :)
<starlady> congrats NivFreak! :)
<starlady> Time for our last question...
<starlady> <Number1> Do you think that linux has gotten as far as you thought it would be today 2 years ago?
<garrett> I started using Linux back in 1995, and, looking back, it's come a very long way.
<starlady> my answer to that is that 2 years ago I didn't even realize Linux was anything more than a hobby... *grin*
<Load> Linux has come a long way in the last 2 years for sure
* [MbM] remebers when gimp looked alot like xpaint
<garrett> it has also progressed a lot within the past two years.
<garrett> look at the strides made by both KDE and Gnome
<garrett> they're both so much better.
<garrett> and they're both getting a lot better as well
<[MbM]> I don't know if making linux look like windws is for the better ;)
<garrett> MbM: that's not the goal
<[MbM]> I know that
<starlady> anyone else for that question?
<ElectricElf> [MbM]: Appearances aside, KDE2 does bring some great technology to the table. I find the DE unusable myself, but looking at the source excites me :)
<starlady> okey
<starlady> I'd like to thank the Linux.com staffers for being here :) particularly our friends Load and ltd
<starlady> thanks also go to OctobrX for coming by earlier
<starlady> thanks to all who submitted questions, you made it a great event
<starlady> and here's to (at least) two more years of Linux.com! :)
<starlady> tomorrow and Friday we're having trivia events in here for more prizes... see linux.com for details.
<starlady> Thanks, all! :)
<ElectricElf> Indeed. Thanks a lot for dropping by, linux.com people :)
<TheNut> 7?
<garrett> (:
<TheNut> :-)
<NivFreak> more suse stuff?
<NivFreak> or other stuff
<JALH> hehe
<ElectricElf> 2
<cdlu> 5
<starlady> NivFreak: ThinkGeek stuff
<ElectricElf> 6
<NivFreak> ah
<NivFreak> cool
* starlady whacks ElectricElf
<NivFreak> 42
<NivFreak> :P
<TheNut> thinkgeek? Won't miss that then
<ElectricElf> starlady: I can't help it!! :) I enjoy it *way* too much :)
<JALH> hehe
<cdlu> [0-9]*
<andy> 54
* JALH attacks ElectricElf
<andy> ;)
* ElectricElf whaps JALH back with an Emacs User's Manual
<MiDS> well, it was a nice talk, thanks all!
<ElectricElf> A *printed* Emacs User's Manual.
<TheNut> cdl: [0-9]{1,2}
<ElectricElf> TheNut: Smartass :)
<lazarus> $1000 gift certificates are always cool (who said that? heh)
<cdlu> thenut: too small a range :)
<garrett> ElectricElf should go on the price is right. (:
<influx> oh hey cdlu
* influx waves
<cdlu> moo influx :)
<ElectricElf> garrett: Hehehe :)
<TheNut> ElectricElf: I do try
<ElectricElf> TheNut: And it does such a good job ;)
<ElectricElf> Well, I'm off.
<cdlu> seeya EEEEEEEEE
<cdlu> :P
<ElectricElf> Thanks for the event, starlady :)
<TheNut> aye, 'twas good
<TheNut> and informative
<lazarus> and the prizes :)
<TheNut> and now I have lots of logs to read