Originally Published: Monday, 14 May 2001 Author: Jessica Sheffield
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Two Years of the LiNUX.COMmunity!

Celebrate two years of Linux.com! Join us as we take a look back at how it all got started, where we are today, and where we're headed. Come on in for the whole the story from the people who lived it!

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In March of 1999, a company then called VA Research announced that they had acquired the Linux.com domain name. A consultant named Fred van Kampen originally registered the name in June of 1994 as a site for Linux hobbyists. Kampen sold the name to VA on the merits of their plan for the site (in addition to a wad of cash). "VA's motivation for developing Linux.com best represents the interests of the Linux community, and for this reason, I awarded the domain name to them," Kempen said at the time.

VA now had the name in Linux development, support, and community operations. What would they do with it? Trae McCombs recalls, "Well, Larry Augustin, CEO of VA Research hired me so I could run the site I created, themes.org... or so I thought. After being there for two months, Larry pulled me into his office and said, 'Ok Trae, here is the REAL reason we hired you. We are buying Linux.com, and we want you to create it.' I was sort of taken aback... but. :)"

The plan was to create a Linux portal for the community. Gerard Daubar, Senior Developer, says, "The original vision was something about world domination. That and becoming the Linux resource." Dean Henrichsmeyer, Site Director, adds, "It's pretty simple, 'Everything Linux.' We planned on being everything Linux to everyone."

Jeff Alami served as a writer and content manager for the new site, and was hired as its first Editor-in-Chief. "The original idea for the site was quite different from what's seen now. Linux.com would be comprised of two major types of content: editorials, and section content. For editorials we had a daily editorial from regular and guest writers, as well as regular columns from well-known community types like Illiad and Salon.com's Andrew Leonard. As for the section content, we had a whole bunch of sections covering different topics, each with an editor of sorts and their own writers."

Its aspirations were to be the resource to tie all things Linux together into an accessible and authoritative resource. That coupled with the @linux.com address was too much to resist! -Peter Clark, Community Support

In The Beginning...   Page 1 of 6  >>