Originally Published: Friday, 11 May 2001 Author: The Linux.com Staff
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Celebrate with Linux.com!

Join the staff of Linux.com in celebrating the last two years of Linux! We've got trivia contests, essay contests, interviews, and all kinds of prizes coming your way next week. Details inside...

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It's the two year birthday party of Linux.com! Ever since Linux.com launched on May 18, 1999, we've brought members of the Linux community together to help each other. Now, we're celebrating that community with a week of special events with the people who make Linux.com what it is today: you, our readers.

As always, there are a variety of ways to get involved with Linux.com. Here are some details on events happening over the next week - watch this space and the Live! calendar for more information.

Linux Trivia Game

Prove your 31337-ness by joining us for a round of Linux Trivia! We'll host four rounds of Linux quizzing madness via IRC on the 17th and 18th of May. Winners take home a Linux.com prize pack (plus the adulation and envy of their peers). Check the Linux.com Live! schedule for details on times and places. If you can't join us on IRC, email in your answers to questions we'll post on Linux.com! One lucky winner will be drawn from all the correct entries to win a Linux.com prize pack. (Questions will be posted in article format here on Linux.com - check back next week for more details.)

Two Years of the LiNUX.COMmunity

Ever wondered what happened to that old site design, or why Linux.com made the decisions it did? This weekly feature will be a look back at the last two years of Linux and Linux.com, complete with screen shots of all of the various layouts we've had so you can track the evolution of Linux.com. We'll talk about where we've been and where we're going, with insights from the site director and past and current staffers.

Linux.com Motto Contest

Suggest a new motto for Linux.com. Past mottos include 'A Means to World Liberation!' and, briefly, 'For Great Justice!!' (Not really. But we considered it.) Email your idea for a new Linux.com motto to starlady@linux.com. Entries will be judged on originality and the ability to convey the Linux.com 'feel' in a few words. The best motto will win the submitter a prize pack from ThinkGeek and will appear below the Linux.com text logo on the site. Deadline for entries is Friday, May 18 at 12 PM PDT.

How It All Began

Chat Live! with members of the original staff of Linux.com. Join OctobrX, Beret, Garrett and others in #live on irc.linux.com on Wednesday, May 16 at 10 AM PDT for a Q-and-A session on how Linux.com got started, how we got where we are and where we're headed over the next few years. Bring your questions or just come on in and hang out.

Share Your Linux Story

Use the article submission form, or send email to editor@linux.com with your story about how Linux and/or the Linux community have inspired or helped you. The deadline for submissions for the contest is Saturday, May 20 at 12 PM PDT (but feel free to keep sending them in after that). Winning submissions will be posted on Linux.com during the week of May 21. One winner will be chosen to receive a Linux.com prize pack from ThinkGeek.

So don't miss our birthday week as we celebrate our most valuable feature: the Linux community! Drop in and share your favorite Linux.com memories with the people who started it all. This will also be a prime opportunity to give the staff realtime feedback on how Linux.com can better serve you and the Linux community in the future.

We'll see you then!

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