Originally Published: Sunday, 22 April 2001 Author: the Linux.com Staff
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Welcome to the LiNUX.COMmunity!

Welcome to the new Linux.com! If you're a regular visitor to the site you can't fail to have noticed our makeover - read on to see what we've changed and why.

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At Linux.com, we have always been dedicated to serving the Linux community as best we can. This means bringing the most comprehensive Linux resource on the web to the people who need it - which includes Linux users at every level, from people with only a casual interest in Open Source to experienced Free Software gurus.

Like all Linux.com productions, this iteration of the site has been produced by, for, and about the community. Never before in the history of this site have we given such careful thought to the needs of our readers. As as result, we present you with four sections geared specifically towards different ways of using Linux. New users can learn how to use their Linux system from our Learn section, while users at any level can make use of our Enhance section to find out how to get the most out of Linux. People who want to develop for Linux can check out the resources available in our Develop section, while anyone interested in Linux is invited to Interact with the community in a variety of ways.

But wait - there's more! We've collected the most-visited resources on the site into a handy location at the side of each page below the search area. Here's where you'll find the hardware database, job postings, howtos, tuneup tips, Linux User Groups calendar, and links database. It's all your favorite Linux.com stuff, easily accessible from every page on the site.

If you're worried that your favorite section is no longer, don't panic! All the same great content that we've produced all along is still on Linux.com - we're just presenting it in a way that we believe will be more accessible to our readers and provide us with a structure we can build upon for the future. You don't have to take our word for it - explore the new layout and you'll see that it's true.

Interested in contributing to Linux.com? There has never been a better time to get involved! We are always looking for comprehensive articles on any Linux subject. Contact our editorial team if you are interested in writing articles for Linux.com, or our volunteer needs page for other ways to join the team. We welcome anyone with a genuine interest in Linux to help us educate, inform, and occasionally entertain the Linux community.

As always, your comments are welcome. Leave them attached to this article, or email us at feedback@linux.com. We thank you for your readership and hope you continue to enjoy Linux.com

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