Originally Published: Tuesday, 17 April 2001 Author: Orv Beach
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LUGFest IV Will be held on April 21st and 22nd

Don't miss what could be the last of one of the most successful user group events in the nation.

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The Need For LUGFests; A Brief History of Simi-Conejo LUGFest

The Simi-Conejo Linux Users Group is about 3 years old. It's located in Simi Valley and has members from both the Simi and Conejo Valleys, and surrounding communities in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

SCLUG is not a club; there's no constitution, no by-laws, no board of directors, no president, no elections, and no dues. It is strictly a user's group; an educational organization. It's pretty loose and casual, and the members like it that way.

As part of that educational push, one of SCLUG's organizers, Gareth Greenaway, several years ago proposed holding a "LUGFest". It was to be a gathering of Linux users, showing off Linux applications to other interested users (and hopefully, potential Linux users).

The first SCLUG LUGFest was held in October of '99, and had about a ten demonstrations and drew perhaps 50-60 people. Demonstrators were Linux users from throughout the Southland. SCLUG has held LUGFests every six months since then. By LUGFest III, held last October, it had grown to 20 different demonstrations. We had added some presentations (talks) and invited some vendors. That, plus extensive local publicity, helped LF III draw between 350 and 400 people. (See http://www.lugfest.org for write ups and photos). It was obvious that we'd fulfilled a need that commercial shows don't completely address. Brief History By early indications, growth may have peaked. Even if it doesn't grow much it still fills a need. A LUGFest is by Linux users, for Linux users. The enthusiasm and interest at a LUGFest is palpable; everyone is here because they like (or love) Linux and Open Source software.

LF IV will probably be the last LUGFest held in Simi Valley. The Nortel facility that has hosted it for two years is a victim of the recent contraction of the tech sector, and of Nortel's subsequent downsizing. SCLUG will work with the other So Cal LUGs to find another (hopefully more centrally-located) site for LF V. And if they believe a LUGFest is a useful regional Linux show, they WILL find a new home for LUGFest!

And perhaps this will encourage other LUGs (or groups of LUGs) to organize their own LUGFests. It's a great way to get the word out about Linux and Open Source!

Orv Beach

SCLUG Member-at-large

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