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Interview with Robin Miller

The night of February 28 started out as a normal evening. Little did anyone realize... The Nashville Linux User Group met at their usual meeting place for their usual meeting. This time, though, they had a special guest. Robin Miller talked that night about everything from the Linux Community to limos to OSDN. Curious? Here's the log from the event.

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The night of February 28 started out as a normal evening. Little did anyone realize... The Nashville Linux User Group met at their usual meeting place for their usual meeting. This time, though, they had a special guest. Robin Miller talked that night about everything from the Linux Community to limos to OSDN. Curious? Here's the log from the event.
Live! with the Nashville LUG

Robin Miller will be talking at the Nashville LUG meeting. We will be broadcasting it live onto IRC so that everyone can participate and find out what Robin will be talking about.

If you would like more information about the Nashville LUG, you can find their site at http://www.nlug.org.

<Wintersun> Okay, we will be starting this presentation in a minute. Robin just walked in and since it's past seven pm, it's time to start
<Wintersun> If anyone has any questions for Robin please /msg Wintersun (me) and I will ask them during the Q&A session. Thanks
<Wintersun> RBasRoblimo is going to be typing in whatever Robin is saying.
<Wintersun> Welcome jsmith
<Wintersun> Michael Chaney, president of the Nashville LUG, is doing an introduction right now
<RBasRoblimo> I'm watching NLUG pres M Chaney auction a large tower case
<jsmith> Just the case?
<Wintersun> pretty much
<Wintersun> it does come with the power supply, though.
<Wintersun> We're working through an auction of some rather interesting older stuff right now.
<jsmith> Sean, just look the other way...
<Wintersun> The auction is moving onto a Quantum BigFoot 2.5GB hard-drive
<Wintersun> Among all the rest of our audience, we are fortunate enough to have a life-size Tux here to support NLUG
<RBasRoblimo> I'm getting ready to talk!
<RBasRoblimo> I've got 4869 mod points on /.
<RBasRoblimo> I'm one of the original 5 mods on /.
<RBasRoblimo> I've been to Holland Mi and I'm the Jewish Population!
<RBasRoblimo> Talking about how /. came together
<RBasRoblimo> In Holland there is the Tulip Fest
<RBasRoblimo> Good furniture store
<RBasRoblimo> I just followed two pretty women carrying a tux
<RBasRoblimo> how Rob got to the meeting
<RBasRoblimo> VA's got 124 million in the bank
<RBasRoblimo> many people laid off choose themselves
<RBasRoblimo> talking about LUG's in the Baltimore area
<RBasRoblimo> no one laid off from osdn
<RBasRoblimo> the revoluion is over, we all have to work now says an retired colleague
<RBasRoblimo> linux is not magic, not new, been using for over 3 years
<RBasRoblimo> Not a programmer, sysadmin, I'm and enduser
<RBasRoblimo> two favorite commands: point, click
<RBasRoblimo> cut and paste as a writer
<RBasRoblimo> Love bluefish... and have it quite customized
<RBasRoblimo> bluefish is a html editor
<RBasRoblimo> I will never use Emacs, and told Stallman to his face. We're friends
<RBasRoblimo> Text editing, BBEdit on Mac, Notetab on Windows, and Bluefish has surpassed Notetab
<RBasRoblimo> Bluefish will do word count in the RNF
<Wintersun> Roblimo considers that StarOffice is junk
<RBasRoblimo> Wordcount is important for writers
<Loco3KGT> holy schnikies. roblimo
<Wintersun> Bluefish is highly recommended
<RBasRoblimo> I highly recommend bluefish for non-programmer types
<Loco3KGT> reminds me, my /. password no worka
* Loco3KGT tries it
<RBasRoblimo> I like KDE
<RBasRoblimo> No one says you have to or should KDE
<RBasRoblimo> I like Miguel a great deal and drink a great of coffee
<RBasRoblimo> Miguel should not take any uppers
<Wintersun> he moves really fast without the help of drugs
<RBasRoblimo> Miguel moves *fast*
<RBasRoblimo> I dont post much on /.
<setuid> HAhahaHaHa
<RBasRoblimo> more readers daily on the nytimes site
<RBasRoblimo> slashdot has more readers than the nytimes site
<RBasRoblimo> I get called a liar by PR people on a regular basis
<fridge> liar!
<ptl-auei-trabaiano> the printed nytimes has more readers than the printed slashdot :P
<strlen> rbas: what is the slashdot opinion on kuro5hin and other sites with a function and ideas based on the slashdot ones?
<Wintersun> slashdot is the third most read tech site in the world
<RBasRoblimo> talking about breaking news
<nate37> Wintersun: what's first?
<RBasRoblimo> breaking the Applix spin off
<x86> what are we talking about here?
<RBasRoblimo> Before andover I worked for a small company called Time Life
<fridge> Wintersun: whats the first 2?
<Wintersun> nate37: I'm not entirely sure. This is what Robin is talking about
<Wintersun> fridge: I'm not sure. I'm just saying the occasional thing that Robin is saying at the meeting
<RBasRoblimo> Steve Case is the worlds greatest thing to sell the internet
<x86> i dont get the topic of conversation here.....
<x86> can someone fill me in?
<nate37> Wintersun: heh k
<RBasRoblimo> AOL sucks in the first internet users
<Wintersun> There's not much of a topic. It's mainly Robin just talking about various topics
<strlen> i've heard you reply to some troll that your wife was a cop, is that true?
<RBasRoblimo> AOL cust serv takes the brunt of getting newbies on the internet. They do a considerable amount of training for when users switch to another ISP
<^lilo> (hi all :)
<strlen> and it's also rumoured, that you are to lame to read BitchX.doc
<x86> lol hi lilo :_
<x86> :) even
<Wintersun> strlen: /msg questions to me and I'll ask them at the end of the presentation
<RBasRoblimo> yeah, we worked quite a bit on that. We read. BitchX won.
<strlen> ahh.
<strlen> export IRCNAME="all your base are belong to bitchx"
<RBasRoblimo> I know and drink with the webmasters of both Gore and Bush campaigns... both are nice guys
<strlen> that has been known to work ;-)
<x86> lol
<nate37> RBasRoblimo: doesn't aol give them a false image of what the internet is?
<RBasRoblimo> Lots of spare parts in DC... just hit the dumpsters
<Wintersun> apparently the dumpsters on M street have one year old computers tossed in them.
<ptl-auei-trabaiano> Gora and Bush are nice guys or the webmasters are nice guys?
<woodblock> How is Gore's site "open-source"?
<Wintersun> the webmasters
<RBasRoblimo> joking about letting the nsa linux guys out of the development room
<RBasRoblimo> I took a paycut to leave pathfinder and go to work for andover
<RBasRoblimo> did not write about technology as subject to prepublication... mainframe tech for the govt
<RBasRoblimo> finally out from the govt. pre-pub blackout
<Wintersun> Robin apparently used to be one of those hardware people, not software
<RBasRoblimo> Scientists at NIH and NASA have moved to linux... tired of trying to figure out how to do it in Windows
<Wintersun> If you look in the science section of Freshmeat, there are a lot of little programs in there.
<RBasRoblimo> Meeting with Russ Pavlicheck (sp) from Compaq next week
<Wintersun> People would get tired of trying to find a program to do what they wanted, so they would just write them themselves with Linujx
<RBasRoblimo> Russ wrote the software that sorts the US Mail. They run linux.
<RBasRoblimo> USGov is MS's biggest customer
<RBasRoblimo> Meeting with the Peace Corps about linux... for the Peace Corps and for the countries Peace Corps helps
<RBasRoblimo> Roblimo has a pure laptop... never has MS installed on it.
<RBasRoblimo> If you get richochet (wireless modem), you'll never go back
<RBasRoblimo> Makes slide in Kpresenter... pretty easy to use. moreso than Powerpoint
<RBasRoblimo> People in the govt like slides
<RBasRoblimo> How do you do powerpoint slides is usually what govt types ask
<woodblock> That's because they have the attention span of a gnat.
<woodblock> 8D
<RBasRoblimo> Always MagicPoint, WimpyPoint
<jsmith> Wow, I just installed bluefish and it really is awesome
<RBasRoblimo> reflecting on ARS Technica
<RBasRoblimo> I still work for OSDN right?
<RBasRoblimo> OSDN is trying to take open source out of the fanzine level
<RBasRoblimo> Lot of screwed up people working on linux
<RBasRoblimo> has blackmail on ESR
<Wintersun> Eric Raymond has wriggled on the floor for good barbeque before. :)
<RBasRoblimo> Not going to be all happy talk with the OSDN stuff
<Wintersun> on /. you get flamed more than anywhere else
<RBasRoblimo> reminder... buy a case of AA batteries and send them to Chris DiBona at VALinux
<RBasRoblimo> from Cali... LA
<RBasRoblimo> Cali would be nice if people would quit working there
<RBasRoblimo> quit moving and working there
<RBasRoblimo> costs are upside down.
<RBasRoblimo> House paid for and no morgage.
<RBasRoblimo> Has ricochet modem service on boat
<RBasRoblimo> braggin about Chesepeak(sp) Bay
<Wintersun> people keep trying to move him out there and he much prefers his house in Maryland on the Chesepeake Bay
<RBasRoblimo> Sometime in summer... just don't go home. Live on the boat
<RBasRoblimo> did not go outdoors for 4 days putting time into sites
<RBasRoblimo> describing Grant Gross
<RBasRoblimo> says Rob Malda said I've got to quit drinking and eat less
<RBasRoblimo> after meeting Grant
<Wintersun> They are apparently twins that were separated at birth
<RBasRoblimo> Newsforge is cranking 100,000 pages a day
<RBasRoblimo> doing his Minnesota and ND accent
<Wintersun> It's really quite scary
<RBasRoblimo> worst thing about andover buying /.: Day deal was closed no electrictiy in Holland MI
<RBasRoblimo> Only person available to post on the site
<RBasRoblimo> Made it look like /. was Roblimo the day of the deal
<RBasRoblimo> Used to have to remote reboot /. once a night when on the old hardware
<RBasRoblimo> slashdot gets brutal DOS attacks
<RBasRoblimo> good admins behind the site supporting the hardware
<RBasRoblimo> attacks will bring most sites to knees
<Wintersun> not the most normal people in the world, but they're quite competent
<RBasRoblimo> they care quite a bit
<Wintersun> they care almost too much about the site
<RBasRoblimo> describing /. editors
<RBasRoblimo> Malda is a democrat
<RBasRoblimo> it happened
<Wintersun> A lot of us are doing things for money that we once did for free
<Wintersun> Malda actually as a girlfriend
<RBasRoblimo> Malda's g/f did all the icons for the site
<RBasRoblimo> Jeff Bates is in MA
<Wintersun> He's in charge of the business side of all of OSDN's websites
<RBasRoblimo> describing jesux
<RBasRoblimo> huge flamewar!
<RBasRoblimo> slashdot enjoyed the ware
<RBasRoblimo> war
<RBasRoblimo> discussing a poll on ESPN that got scewed
<RBasRoblimo> Adam from /. wanted to have freshmeat .condoms
<RBasRoblimo> giveaway at the conferences
<RBasRoblimo> Adam meets w/ scoop in Amsterdam on a reg. basis
<RBasRoblimo> I'm being heckled!
<RBasRoblimo> describing as how /. was purchased by andover
<RBasRoblimo> an off hand comment to someone from Andover and it just kinda happened
<RBasRoblimo> Not ultra happy seeing vital news sites owned by a hardware company
<RBasRoblimo> thought about resigning
<RBasRoblimo> who else is going to be a better barrier (than Roblimo)
<RBasRoblimo> Maddog and Russ, and ESR encoured him to say
<RBasRoblimo> Says Larry does not like him. Have to be the barrier
<starlady> oh yeah, the .condoms
<RBasRoblimo> Be willing to remind them that you've been there awhile and know quite a few people in quite a few places
<starlady> that was an amusing conversation: themes.org themed condoms, linux.com "community" condoms... it pretty much died there. ;)
<Wintersun> thankfully. :)
<RBasRoblimo> have to be mean to them.
<RBasRoblimo> dont want them to interfere, make them think they cant ask
<RBasRoblimo> cant be nice to VALinux
<RBasRoblimo> I'm very protective about the content we publish
<RBasRoblimo> We can publish under other peoples name if need be
<RBasRoblimo> Helps when articles need to be finished
<WeThree> rimboy.com?
<RBasRoblimo> Part of the folksee charm... errors can be good
<WeThree> As in rimjob?
<RBasRoblimo> took timothy 14 hours straight of transcription with the Lars interview
<Wintersun> WeThree: Not quite
<WeThree> Ah
<RBasRoblimo> The accusation was Lars was not speaking for himslef
<RBasRoblimo> made sure it was verbatim and made sure the readers knew it was in fact Lars
<RBasRoblimo> That is why the uh's and ah's were in that interview
<RBasRoblimo> slashdot has the worst dressed crowd at any journalism trade show
<RBasRoblimo> We all shop at Target.
<RBasRoblimo> Malda bought a big BMW w/ the andover money, but hates to drive
<RBasRoblimo> built a "mansion" in Holland
<RBasRoblimo> telling that the gov's mansion in Ark. is a triplewide while the gov mansion is under reconstruction
<RBasRoblimo> many of the best people live in trailers
<RBasRoblimo> maddog in FAO schwartz buying for charity with biker bar money
<RBasRoblimo> L.C. staff have an alcohol policy they must abide by
<starlady> as much as possible!
<starlady> *G*
<RBasRoblimo> I have no bills!
<RBasRoblimo> I'm incorruptable!
<RBasRoblimo> What can you buy me?
<starlady> what on EARTH is he talking about? I'm lost.
<Wintersun> so are we
<RBasRoblimo> when you've got what you want you cant be corrupted
<starlady> ok, glad to know it's not just me ;)
<muks> heh
<critch> journalistic integrity
<RBasRoblimo> I've got a beautiful trophy wife
<starlady> ahh
<RBasRoblimo> my wife started coming to conventions because she was afraid of groupies
<Wintersun> talking about how his wife doesn't like going to shows because she's the only black in the room
<RBasRoblimo> She quickly realized she was in no danger
<starlady> btw, Debbie Miller == awesome lady
<Wintersun> the comment was made that she's lucky she's not the only woman
<RBasRoblimo> No swarms of females trying to rip my clothes (or others) off.
<RBasRoblimo> Will be doing some reviews of commercial software on newsforge
<Wintersun> he married a nice artist girl and now she's working on websites for money
<Wintersun> and she's trying to get her certification
<RBasRoblimo> reflecting on hooking his wife on linux / hardware
<RBasRoblimo> I'm going to smoke a cig while we take a break
<Wintersun> okay, we're taking a 5 minute break, so go grab a cup of coffee
<RBasRoblimo> More to come!
<muks> damn
<muks> i just swallowed some coffee
<RBasRoblimo> we'll be right back!
<RBasRoblimo> Sean The RIMBoy is the voice of Roblimo
<RBasRoblimo> and despite what the whois says, I've read the bitchx.doc
<muks> RBasRoblimo: sean is you?
<RBasRoblimo> yes, Sean the RIMBoy is RBasRoblimo
<muks> heh
<RBasRoblimo> is everything going well in the room?
<RBasRoblimo> are things making sense?
<jsmith> Uh, sometimes :)
<RBasRoblimo> Roblimo is jumping around quite a bit, but it is fun!
<jsmith> Yeah it would help if there were a topic I suppose!
<jsmith> hehehe
<jsmith> The cam looks good
<spydie> hmmm time to load netscape and lookie at the visual linux.com live stuff :)
<RBasRoblimo> oh yes
<RBasRoblimo> www.rimboy.com/roblimo
<RBasRoblimo> is the host of the semi live webcam
<RBasRoblimo> the webcam updates every 30 secs
<spydie> thanks for url can you stash it in topic?
<jsmith> RIMboy, are you listening?
<RBasRoblimo> I'm back!
<jsmith> <--- Wondering who got the gear and how much $$$ it raised
<Wintersun> better?
<RBasRoblimo> NLUG $55 on the auction
<RBasRoblimo> roblimo is showing /.'s backside
<Wintersun> okay, we're back
<RBasRoblimo> timothy wrote the best Malda flame
<RBasRoblimo> he got a job at /. as a result
<jsmith> lol. put that on your resume
<Wintersun> he's a great reporter/writer
<RBasRoblimo> Hired Tim because he is good and witty
<RBasRoblimo> Have to have a dress code because of laws
<RBasRoblimo> Pants optional
<Wintersun> also has a legal drug and alcohol policy
<RBasRoblimo> not yes
<Wintersun> "if you're too drunk or stoned to remember your login name and password"
<RBasRoblimo> you can't be at work
<jsmith> ROFL
<RBasRoblimo> tight on accuracy
<RBasRoblimo> very serious about fact checking
<RBasRoblimo> we did not call the Presidental election!
<Wintersun> do not boost inhouse causes
<RBasRoblimo> my personal run for the presidency never made /.
<RBasRoblimo> had it all mapped out
<Wintersun> Rob Malda wanted to be Sec of Debasement
<RBasRoblimo> dept of videogames
<RBasRoblimo> starving writer that was a taxi driver
<Wintersun> and now he has a limo business
<RBasRoblimo> first website for a limo business
<RBasRoblimo> one of the first individual commercial internet users
<RBasRoblimo> still has the account
<RBasRoblimo> now owns a rolls royce limo
<RBasRoblimo> wonders with Wintersun did not get a ride in NY
<Wintersun> He brought it to NYC
<RBasRoblimo> they can fire me, I don't care
<RBasRoblimo> I can still make money
<RBasRoblimo> no capital, no investment
<jsmith> URL of limo business...?
<RBasRoblimo> (we'll try to get the URL in a minute)
<Wintersun> He's now talking about the best business philosophy that OSDN should follow
<RBasRoblimo> living proof that a 4 year old can use linux
<RBasRoblimo> uses Mandrake
<Wintersun> Make more money than you spend
<RBasRoblimo> likes to point and click
<Wintersun> secret of making a Linux computer completely unusable: constantly use and install new and untested software
<jsmith> My 3yo prefers powerflip on the SGI platform
<jsmith> :)
<Wintersun> also the secret of crashing a windows system
<RBasRoblimo> reiserfs is good on laptops
<RBasRoblimo> people pay me to write on the internet
<Wintersun> Robin freelanced for newspapers for years, before he realized that people would pay him to write on the internet
<RBasRoblimo> types 50wpm
<RBasRoblimo> calls friends for fast quotes
<RBasRoblimo> charge more than you spend
<RBasRoblimo> real shortage of journalists who can cover tech matters
<RBasRoblimo> anyone who says they cannot get things published is a hobbiest
<RBasRoblimo> You have to write what the market wants
<RBasRoblimo> worldwide staff
<RBasRoblimo> Gannet has not figured out irc
<RBasRoblimo> probably has not figured out irc
<Wintersun> The market hasn't figured out that there are valuable tools like IRC that can help pull together a world-wide staff
<RBasRoblimo> Learn the players, learn the vocabulary
<RBasRoblimo> the market is begging for competent people
<Wintersun> there is definitely a demand for tech-oriented writers in this world
<RBasRoblimo> more poets than places to publish poetry
<RBasRoblimo> writing is similar to programming
<RBasRoblimo> matter of applying yourself
<RBasRoblimo> no desire to program though...
<RBasRoblimo> can program and compile ada programs
<RBasRoblimo> If you get ada to work, it can run the space shuttle (so the quote goes)
<RBasRoblimo> opinions are like email addy's... everyone has them
<RBasRoblimo> slashdot has not won any awards because it cost money and I think that sucks
<RBasRoblimo> If you have a lot money you can do groovie multimedia that no-one on a dialup can see
<RBasRoblimo> telling a Jon Katz story...
<RBasRoblimo> Katz showed up at a NYLUG
<RBasRoblimo> Founder of NYLUG hated Katz's writing
<RBasRoblimo> met him in person and loved him.
<RBasRoblimo> Blame's Robin for that love / hate relationship
<RBasRoblimo> Katz's stuff could be entered and walked away with some awards
<RBasRoblimo> the point is that it costs money to get the awards and they refuse to enter
<Wintersun> Q: "What is the most damaging thing that you've put on your website?"
<RBasRoblimo> we figure our audience is fairly grown up (in regards to what is the most damaging pieces that has gone online)
<Wintersun> Some people apparently have complained to him about stuff, but he's not worried.
<RBasRoblimo> I have spy networks
<RBasRoblimo> anonimty
<RBasRoblimo> pick up tips from all over
<RBasRoblimo> I don't care about the MS breakup
<Wintersun> His opinion about the Microsoft breakup stuff is that it just doesn't matter.
<Wintersun> It's not a big deal
<RBasRoblimo> I don't use it
<RBasRoblimo> discussing why he does not do live TV
<RBasRoblimo> Discovery is the only channel nearby
<Wintersun> so it's the only channel he'd ever work for
<RBasRoblimo> Personal car is a Old Jeep Cherokee... no power windows
<RBasRoblimo> Marty... every screen you see in this room runs linux. I could care less
<RBasRoblimo> on live TV
<RBasRoblimo> I'm a professional, I can't use windows
<Wintersun> At one time he went onto a morning talk show and they asked him about running win98
<RBasRoblimo> be on the lookout for a /. quickie re: all your base are us parody
<RBasRoblimo> Did same thing to the tv station when win2k came out
<RBasRoblimo> windows is the 21st cent eq of the 10,000 dollar DOD hammer
<RBasRoblimo> I fly southwest when uses unix / linux
<RBasRoblimo> I deal with a unix bank
<RBasRoblimo> working with nader's essential.org
<RBasRoblimo> I keep hands off hardware, they keep hands off editorial (re: VA)
<Wintersun> but, he can write an editorial on the subject. :)
<RBasRoblimo> did a lot of investigative work in child support offices for the Baltimore Sun
<RBasRoblimo> got most of the staff fired
<RBasRoblimo> staff at the child support services
<RBasRoblimo> I own cheapcomputing.com
<RBasRoblimo> recycling and buying stuff cheap
<RBasRoblimo> yes we would do this for free and did so, do it because they like ti
<RBasRoblimo> ti = it
<RBasRoblimo> voice is horse, pizza is ready, time to go!
<Wintersun> He's done
<RBasRoblimo> horse == hoarse
<Wintersun> Thank you everyone for being in channel tonight.
<Wintersun> I appreciate your support
<RBasRoblimo> NLUG is now making plans to party afterwards...
<Wintersun> We will have this log posted online within the next couple of days most likely
<RBasRoblimo> we might stick the cam back online so you can hang with us at the cabin
<RBasRoblimo> Thanks to linux.com live! and Roblimo for taking part
<RBasRoblimo> www.nlug.org
<RBasRoblimo> www.rimboy.com/roblimo (in the event we set things up in the cabin
<RBasRoblimo> Thanks again, hope you had fun.

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