Originally Published: Monday, 22 January 2001 Author: Katharine McCoy
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Prepping for Linux World Live!

Linux World is coming up soon. Live! will be hosting an event live from the show floor of Linux World. Won't be there? That's all right. We'll also be broadcasting it on IRC. Read on to find out more about how you can participate in the Live! event no matter where you are.

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For years, there existed a resource that frightened many people. The Linux operating system reminded people of when they used to use MSDOS - text-based and not user-friendly. As time progressed, the X Window System was developed, while Gnome, KDE and others provided a graphical user interface that made Linux more user-friendly.

People began to look at this operating system with interest and curiosity. Then, on Jan. 4, kernel 2.4.0 was released. This kernel release has moved Linux more into the desktop world than any previous kernel release. On Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, Linux.com Live! will show people some of the new features in the 2.4.0 kernel.

While we are live at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in New York City, we will also be broadcasting the entire event over IRC, so that people from around the world can read and learn about the new features in the Linux kernel. >From 2:30 - 4:00pm EST, we will choose a participant from the crowd on the LinuxWorld show floor to recompile the new 2.4 release of the kernel on a Linux system. We will then show how you can use some of the newest features in this kernel, including USB support and speech synthesizer support. You don't have to be at LinuxWorld though, to be able to participate in this Live! event. The whole event will be broadcast via IRC, so that people anywhere in the world will be able to participate in this great event.

We can't do this event alone, though. We need you - the Linux guru, the Linux user, and the Linux newbie - to be part of this for our event to work. If you have compiled a kernel, join us on IRC and tell us about your experiences. We need people on IRC that know about Linux and the kernel so that you can answer questions on IRC and from the audience at LinuxWorld. If you are a newbie, you are welcome as well. You are the reason these events exist. We want to answer your questions and educate the community. Please do not hesitate to join in this event.

If you don't know how to use IRC, that is all right, it's not hard to learn. If you would like to obtain an IRC client, Linux users can go to irc.themes.org. For those people who are curious about what's going on, but aren't running Linux yet, there's a Windows IRC client which can be downloaded here. Once you've downloaded and installed the IRC client, it's simple. You enter the server name, which is irc.openprojects.net and you connect to the server. Once you are connected, you will need to join a channel. We will be broadcasting this event in #linux.com-live! Type "/j #linux.com-live!" and that will take you into the channel. The operators for the channel will be listed at the top of the page. If you ever have a question about anything, they are the best people to ask.

We urge anyone who is curious or knowledgeable about Linux to join us on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. If you can make it to LinuxWorld, then please stop by our booth so that you can participate in this event. We will be located in the .org Pavilion at LinuxWorld. If you can not make it, that's all right. Don't forget to log on to IRC from 2:30 - 4:00pm EST and read about what's happening on the show floor at LinuxWorld. Answer any questions that you can or ask questions that you might have for yourself. Linux.com is here to bring Linux to the community.

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