Originally Published: Friday, 5 January 2001 Author: Trae McCombs
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What's Going Down In Your Linux User Group?

Ok, so everyday you visit linux.com to see the daily photo right? Well, why not whip out YOUR digital camera, and take some pictures of what's going on in your area. We want to make you famous!

The "Daily Photo" on linux.com is a new and exciting feature. It is something I personally believe will help show people that there are faces of real people behind this thing we call Linux.

Do you visit your LUGs every month? Or perhaps, have you been to a trade show in the past 6 months? Maybe you have some of these photos laying around on your hard-drive someplace doing nothing but collecting dust. Well, I'm here to tell you that you too can help contribute to what's going on in the community.

By submitting a photo of something going on, that has to do with linux, you are helping bring the liveliness of linux to the masses.

Here are a few tips that might be good to help you focus on the task of actual picture taking.

  • Take pictures of a Guest Speaker.
    If there is a guest speaker that is coming to your LUG, take several pictures of him/her, pick out the best one, and then send it off to us.
  • Take pictures of the audience.
    The cool thing about taking an audience shot is that you get tons of people in the picture. Maybe someone while at work can show off to his or her co-workers and say: "Look! I'm on linux.com!"
  • Bug your local linux company!
    Ok, don't tell them we sent you! But one thing that could be cool is to go to a local linux company, or a company that supports linux in some way and take some shots. Make sure you get permission before doing any such thing.
  • Do you work for a Linux company?
    If you DO work for a Linux company, then why don't you take some shots from around the office, and send those in. It's good easy publicity for you and the company and it shows the real people behind the scenes.
  • Linux Desktops.
    Show us what you have on your desktop at home or at work. Yeah, ok, so you have a bazillion stuffed penguins... Or you have tons of figurines of *insert favorite comic book/Movie/TV show/whatever* and you want to show that off as well! This would be a great way to show people what YOU have going on.
    There are tons of different things you could take pictures of, but the main thing is that you send them in. I think the best way to do it is to send us a URL of the photos. Please post the the largest resolution you have available, the bigger the better!

    Make sure you send us good stuff, and keep in mind that we have to make sure that all pictures are fit for our viewing audience. Keep things in good taste or we won't be able to use them. Send your URLs to potd@linux.com.

    Happy Picture Taking!