Originally Published: Thursday, 28 December 2000 Author: Jeff Alami
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Perl Mongers

If you're interested in hacking around with Perl and you want to find some people with similar interests, then you'll want to check out Jeff Alami's introduction to the Perl Mongers.

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If you're using Perl, or if you're interested in learning Perl, you'll want to know about the Perl Mongers. Perl Mongers is a network of Perl user groups, like LUGs are for Linux, where you can meet other Perl users in your area, improve your skills, hear about the latest developments, or simply find out what Perl is all about.

Over 200 such groups exist throughout the world. To find a Perl user group in your area, check out the list of established groups on the Perl Mongers web site. No group in your area? You can always start your own Perl user group. If you need advice on getting members, having meetings, and promoting your group, see Perl Mongers' guide to starting a group.

Last week, in my hometown of Vancouver, BC, there was a relaunch of the local Perl user group, the Vancouver Perl Mongers. Out here, we're quite lucky that a local company, ActiveState, is really into Perl, having hired some of the most well-known Perl gurus in the world. They've also taken it upon themselves to sponsor the meetings with an excellent meeting place, food and refreshments.

At the meeting on Dec. 14, Adam Turoff, ActiveState's Perl Knowledge Manager, discussed a few tips and tricks with Perl. One of the tips involved using the Inline module -- this is when Adam pointed to the guy in the audience who created the Inline module!

So no matter where you are in the world of Perl, the Perl Mongers can be a useful resource. Just like LUGs, Perl user groups makes the community feel more tangible to many developers, and that adds to the power of open source.

Jeff Alami (jeff@linux.com) is the section editor of the Develop section of Linux.com. He hopes that with a few books, the Perl Mongers, and lots of time, he'll someday become some sort of Perl guru.

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