Originally Published: Thursday, 16 November 2000 Author: F. Grant Robertson
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Southern Fried Firewalls

So, you couldn't make it to the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts show? We've got you covered. LUG Project Manager Grant Robertson tells you about all the great stuff that happened at this show in the south!

Security isn't perfect yet, but Todd Lewis from Atlanta-based SecureWorks spoke to 60 members of Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts group about the company's Linux-based outsourced security products. Other topics of this meeting included DSL over fiber-optic lines and the pending release of ALE member Bob Toxen's book "Real World Linux Security: Intrusion Prevention, Detection and Recovery".

Its members in "recuperation mode" after the successful Annual Linux Showcase event held in Atlanta just a few weeks earlier, the current list of projects for ALE isn'tlong.. However, the SecureWorks folks have been busy as of late, so there was much to discuss.

Lewis talked at length about SecureWorks' latest offering, iSensor. A Linux-based stateless firewall product has a significant twist: remote monitoring done at the SecureWorks data center in Atlanta. SecureWorks has done a considerable amount of work in real-time intrusion detection, adding a dynamic rule set system that can autonomously react to exploit attempts. SecureWorkers follows this with their 24/7 monitoring facility staffed with security specialists trained to react to persistent attacks.

Lewis said the iSensor system involves a firewall machine purchased from SecureWorks as well as a service contract that covers the remote monitoring functions. It's proof once again that Open Source solutions can be a profitable arena of computer science with the proper business model., he said. The focus of iSensor is on small to mid-sized companies who find it cost- or resource-prohibitive to employa full time security administration staff. Their goal is to offer enterprise level security solutions to businesses that may not be able to handle the labor-intensive tasks of monitoring and intrusion investigation themselves, Lewis said.

He took questions from the audience about the system from ALE members. Questions ranged from functionality to hypothetical situations and examples of their response. Lewis covered all aspects of the iSensor architecture.

Notable attendees at the meeting included Mike Warfield of another Atlanta-based Internet security firm,ISS. Warfield participated in the question side of the question-and-answer session following the presentation.

F. Grant Robertson .