Originally Published: Sunday, 29 October 2000 Author: Brian Richardson
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The Linux.com Weekly Roundup

If you've been too busy to check out Linux.com this week, partner, check out this week's Linux.com Weekly Roundup, brought to you by the rootinest-tootinest cowboy in the East, Brian Richardson!

We've been busy little penguins at Linux.com. This week brought a variety of new content to our corner of the Internet. For those of you who spend the week working instead of reading our Web site (shame), here's a quick summary of what you might have missed.

The week started out with Alex Young writing about Voice over IP, implementing computer-based telephony in Linux. Matt Mitchie and Mike Baker wrote about the Linux kernel, reviewing their presentation at Atlanta Linux Showcase. Rob Bos gave a good overview of the GTK, a toolkit used to develop The Gimp and other graphical Linux applications. But my personal favorite was Emmett Plant's interview with the folks at Easel. That company is "strangely optimistic" that their approach to the user interface will make Easel's Nautilus an important part of the Linux experience.

While Monday was spent in Software Land, Tuesday was more focused on hardware. Our IRC Recap featured a helpful discussion on configuring sound cards in Debian, complete with ISA PnP information. And the Hardware section feature dealt with a tender relationship issue: why Intel and Rambus might end their odd little technology marriage. Thursday featured some levity, as I gave out some ideas for Linux peripherals (my favorite is still the CD-Bake Oven).

Wednesday and Friday featured two good articles on LDAP (parts 1 and 2). No, LDAP is not a dyslexic talking about the Los Angles Police Department. LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. LDAP allows remote directory access. These articles discuss the basic client/server model used by LDAP, how it's configured, and where to get more information.

So now it's Saturday, a day to reflect, rake the leaves, and prepare for a new week of Linux.com content. Halloween is just around the corner, so don't be surprised if we give you some tricks and treats in the next few days.