Originally Published: Friday, 8 September 2000 Author: Terry Warner
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Kohan for Linux

Loki has sent out a new press release today. A new game is in the works with Loki. The game is called Kohan. Click the title above to read the full release.

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NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release

Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns Coming to Linux Loki and Timegate Studios Partner for Upcoming Release

Tustin, California -- September 8, 2000 -- Loki Software, Inc., the leading publisher of commercial games for the Linux operating system, today announces an agreement with Timegate Studios, a premier developer of entertainment software, to bring Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns to Linux. Kohan will be the first of the immensely-popular real-time strategy gaming genre to be commercially available for Linux.

"This is a tremendous coup for Linux games," said Scott Draeker, president of Loki Software. "The Linux version of this masterpiece will be released near-simultaneously with the Windows version in Q1 2001."

A real-time fantasy war game for up to 8 players, Kohan is visually stunning and provides a rich gaming experience. Set in the mystical world of Khaldun, players must use strategy, tactics, and resource management to create a successful kingdom and to create and deploy their military forces. Special features of this upcoming title include the consideration of terrain, formation and company efficiency in combat and movement. The regimental command structure allows players to focus on strategy and tactics without micro-management. A rich fantasy setting with a detailed background and many unique races, places and magic guarantee excellent replay value. Players may also use a fully-functional editor with a random map generator to customize new scenarios, campaigns, and deathmatch maps.

"We are excited to work with Loki to provide the Linux version," said Adel Chaveleh, Director of Development at Timegate Studios. "By partnering with Loki during the development cycle, we're ensuring compatibility between the Linux and Windows versions and a simultaneous release."

For more information on Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, visit www.timegatestudios.com.

About Loki Software, Inc.

Founded in 1998 in Orange County, California, Loki works with leading publishers and developers to port their best-selling PC products to Linux. Game titles from Loki include Quake III Arena, SimCity 3000 Unlimited and Heavy Gear II. In addition to this arsenal of games, Loki has initiated and continues to support several Open Source development projects, including OpenAL(tm), a cross-platform 3D-Audio Library, and SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG), a general-purpose MPEG video/audio player for Linux. For more information visit www.lokigames.com.

Loki Contact: Kayt Sorhaindo, press@lokigames.com

About Timegate Studios

Founded in 1998 in Houston, Texas, Timegate Studios is committed to being a premier content provider for all popular gaming platforms. Led by established business executives that are also die hard gamers, TimeGate's management brings forth the perfect recipe for success by providing a creative, stable and rewarding environment for its extremely talented development. For more information visit www.timegatestudios.com.

Timegate Studios Contact: Adel Chaveleh, adel@timegatestudios.com

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