Originally Published: Wednesday, 23 August 2000 Author: Evan Read
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The New Linux Myth Dispeller

Linux is growing in popularity and, as a consequence, is finding its way into everyday conversation and media articles. Unfortunately, much of this conversation is ill-informed. This document presents some of the more frequently cited 'myths' about Linux and open source software in general. There are plenty of Linux (and Unix) myths that have been creeping around the Internet, presenting a danger to the growth of Linux and its eventual overtake of Windows, DOS, and Macintosh. To prevent such a tragedy, I attempt to dispel many of the myths that plague Linux's reputation. Based on what I have seen in on-line newspapers, magazines, newsgroups, and on the Web, I have compiled a list of false-myths about Linux, and I explain where (if at all) these myths are based, and what the facts are.