Originally Published: Tuesday, 15 August 2000 Author: Matt Michie
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LinuxWorld Conference and Expo Report: Day One

The LinuxWorld Conference and Expo kicked off today in San Jose, California. Linux.com has several roving reporters gathering the latest from the convention floor.

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The LinuxWorld Conference and Expo kicked off today in San Jose, California. Linux.com has several roving reporters gathering the latest from the convention floor.

Linux.com, along with other open source sites such as Slashdot.org, Freshmeat.net, Newsforge.com, QuestionExchange.com, and SourceForge.net are arranged together in the Open Source Developers Network Pavilion. Later today, Linux.com Live! will demonstrate the power of community and the Internet by having newbies install Debian and Red Hat from the convention floor with help from IRC. If you couldn't make the trip out to San Jose, be sure to visit us online with your IRC client pointed to irc.linux.com port 6667 on the #linux.com-live! channel.

The OSDN initiative, just announced by VA Linux is a collection of open source oriented sites which distributes not only news and information about open source, but through Freshmeat and SourceForge, the programs and tools to develop software as well.

Though there are many new Linux companies touting their latest wares, the BSD camp also had a strong presense. BSDi sponsored the badges, so every Linux attendee is floating around with a bright red daemon smirking on the back of their badges. Many BSD lovers are also showing thier support with daemon horns. Loki Games announced today that they will be bringing out BSD support for their games. They are partnering with BSDi, a backer of FreeBSD to make sure that the Linux compatibility layer in FreeBSD adequately supports their software. Good news all around for BSD fans.

In other news from the floor, Zend Technologies expanded thier United States recruitment and presence with the appointment of Jim Jagielski as their CTO. Jim is known from the Apache Software Foundation, as a core developer and evangelist. Zend, an Israeli based company provides support and commercial viability for the open source server scripting language PHP. PHP is used in many websites (including Linux.com) often in conjunction with MySQL, to provide dynamic content.

Michael Dell gave the opening keynote speech this morning. Some highlights from his talk include the fact that 10% of the servers Dell ships are Linux! Dell also depends heavily on Linux for OS image installation. Dell said that every company in the world is trying to get online and that Linux would and is playing a tremendous role in the massive buildup of Internet infrastructure.

It wasn't long ago that Linux users and their pointy haired bosses were bemoaning the lack of commercial support. Today, with companies like Compaq, Dell, IBM, SGI, Linuxcare, VA Linux, Penguin Computing supporting Linux, it looks like we've got the support issue handled. The big issue that is currently being tackled is Linux on the desktop. Helix Code, Corel, KDE, and Eazel all have booths showing off the latest on making Linux easy for Joe User. The demos of Eazel's Nautilus, integrated with Helix's GNOME are particularly impressive. Expect to see the Linux desktop becoming more viable for all users very quickly.

Debian fans will be happy to know that Potato was officially released today after 6 months in freeze. Larry Augustin, Wichert Akkerman, Bruce Perens, and Ian Murdock were onhand to announce it. Larry Augustin also announced that Debian would be officially supported on some VA systems. All VA systems should be supported eventually. Potato release will also be called the Joel 'Espy' Klecker, after a Debian developer who passed away while Potato was being developed.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for other exciting news. We've heard some rather interesting rumours that we'd can't share with you. Yet.

Tom Dominico, Jeff Alami, and Rob Bos contributed to this report.

Matt Michie lives in New Mexico. He maintains a web site at http://daimyo.org.

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